This punk-themed cafe and art store on Haji Lane has S$2.50 coffee, soufflé pancakes, Y2K art and more

by June Ngooi

Haji Lane has always been the go-to place for some of the most indie and underground stuff to explore. 

Of course, there are also many thrift stores available in the area so if you find yourself in need of a rest, why not head over to Strait Jacket for a coffee break?

strait jacket cafe
Photo: @kopibysyaf/instagram

Nestled up a short stairway just beside The dUCK store leading to the second floor, the entrance might be easy to miss save for the elusive store sign that directs you upstairs.

Photo: @kopibysyaf/instagram

The interior of Strait Jacket is lined with punk-inspired aesthetic artistic decor, along with themes of street graffiti splayed across the wall. 

strait jacket cafe
Photo: @kopibysyaf/instagram

One side of the store has been transformed into a dedicated space for independent artists to sell their zines, art prints, merch, and other underground paraphernalia, making it a perfect spot for art lovers to gather.

Photo: Strait Jacket

The Y2K and indie aesthetics definitely serves as the perfect cosy backdrop for friends to hang out and what better way to do that than with coffee and some pancakes?

strait jacket cafe
Photo: @h.__nf/instagram

That’s right! Aside from artistic ventures, Strait Jacket also has a cafe menu that features a decent variety of coffee such as espresso (S$2.50), mocha (S$6.50), chai latte (S$6.50), V60 (S$7) and more. 

For those adventurous caffeine lovers, there’s even more ambitious flavours such as Chilli Chocolate and Chilli Mocha both priced at S$7 each.

Photo: Strait Jacket

Of course, there are also some munchies to snack on together with your coffee. Strait Jacket also offers homemade fluffy soufflé pancakes such as Big Ol’ OG Pancake (S$7) and Berry Creamy Pancake (S$8), amongst other small bites.

Photo: @sioongcbexclusive/instagram

What’s even better is that Strait Jacket is a Muslim-owned establishment! On top of good vibes, sick tunes, and delicious coffee, this cafe is excellent if you want to look for a low-key place to chill with friends.

strait jacket cafe
Photo: @ohreki/instagram

At this stage, Strait Jacket cafe is still in the early stages of its store, so it is only open two days a week. For more information on specific opening times, you can head over to their Instagram page! 

Make sure to check it at least two or three days before the day that you want to head down to avoid disappointment. So, what are you waiting for?

Strait Jacket 
Instagram | Website
???? 48 Haji Lane, Singapore 189241

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