Cafe Hachi is a Japanese matcha speciality cafe from Fukuoka serving desserts & vegan food in Clarke Quay

by Christabel Tan

Zen vibes, honest-to-goodness food, and tea-based desserts — I really do have a soft spot for Japanese cafes.

With four outlets in Fukuoka, matcha speciality cafe Matcha Cafe HACHI (抹茶カフェHACHI) has finally made its way to Singapore, setting up its first international outpost, Cafe Hachi, along Clarke Quay.

cafe hachi
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Cafe Hachi fits right into the neighbourhood of established cafes, patisseries, and restaurants, injecting even more life into North Canal Road.

Photos: @saltyaaron/instagram

With its concrete walls, wooden accents, and mood lighting, the interior appears to be a modern take on a kissaten, an old-school Japanese-style tearoom and coffeehouse.

Uji matcha desserts & drinks

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The drinks and desserts Cafe Hachi is known for are all prepared using high-quality, single-origin matcha powder derived from 100% Uji tea leaves grown in Wazuka, Kyoto Prefecture.

cafe hachi
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There are three grades of ceremonial matcha with varying aroma and intensity to choose from: Okumidori (S$5.50 for hot, S$6.50 for iced), Samidori (S$10.90 for hot, S$11.90 for iced), and Asahi ($14.90 for hot).

Okumidori, with its bittersweet aftertaste and strong aroma, is also used in the Matcha Latte (S$6.80 for hot, S$7.80 for iced), as well as most desserts.

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One does not need to be a matcha lover to be dazzled by the myriad of matcha desserts on the menu. Highlights include the visually pleasing Matcha Tall Parfait (S$20), Matcha Tarte with Matcha Ice (S$15.80), Matcha Tiramisu and Warabimochi (S$16.80), and Matcha Roll Cake with Matcha Ice (S$18).

Non-matcha vegan-friendly desserts like Gateau Chocolat (S$7.90), Carrot Cake (S$6.80), and Seasonal Fruit Tart (S$7.80) are also available. Most of them are also gluten-free — be sure to check with the staff before placing your order.

Vegan-friendly mains

cafe hachi
Photos: @kakoveryvernis/instagram, @the_xw/instagram

You can also find a selection of healthy yet comforting vegan-friendly mains like the Buddha Bowl (S$17.80), Rice Gratin with Brown Rice and Vegetables (S$19.80), and Loco Moco (S$26.80). Non-vegan options include the Mentai Pasta (S$18.80) and Chicken Salted Koji-style Charred Butter Soy Sauce Pasta (S$23.80) — I’m loving the sound of the latter.

As the resident matcha lover (or maniac, more like), I’ll be getting my hands on Cafe Hachi’s desserts very, very soon.

Cafe Hachi
Facebook | Instagram
???? 35 North Canal Rd, #01-01, Singapore 059291
???? 9am–6pm (Daily)

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