Just opened: New Carne Burgers is opened by the world’s best chef

by Evan Mua
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Hot new opening Carne Burgers has gotten a ton of hype on social media after opening for less than a week.

carne burgers singapore mirazur
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If you’re curious, it’s because the man behind Carne Burgers is Mauro Colagreco. The Argentine chef heads three-Michelin-starred Mirazur, crowned number 1 in the last edition of World 50’s Best Restaurants.

Carne Burger is unique in its status as Certified B Enterprise, an acknowledgement of their social, environmental and economic contribution to improving the world.

Sustainably-sourced ingredients are a key part of their identity.

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So, while Carne Burgers’ Singapore outlet uses naturally grass-fed beef sourced straight from Argentina (we don’t rear cows, duh), they source many ingredients locally, such as buns from artisan bakery Bread Yard.

Even though Chef Mauro’s name carries prestige, the Amoy shop space is a simple, stripped-down burger joint to reflect the fuss-free burgers they serve.

Burger lover’s dream at Carne Burgers

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Like with other international franchises, their highlights have to be their local exclusives. Singapore’s Carne Burgers has two—a Chimichurri Burger (S$24) and a Crispy Chicken Burger (S$18).

carne burgers singapore chimichurri burger
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Everyone’s favourite seems to be the Chimichurri Burger, made with a secret recipe by Chef Mauro himself. Carne is Argentinian after all, and Chimichurri is the perfect introduction for locals to those roots.

Murcian cheese is added, then bolstered with a punchy ensemble of pickled jalapenos and organic red onions.

carne burgers singapore classic burger
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Alternatively, the Classic Burger (S$19.50) is for those looking for more simplicity in dining choices at Carne Burgers. It’s a classic combo—local oak lettuce, organic tomato and some organic red onion for the base.

However, Carne Burgers spices it up with a special house sauce which combines ketchup, mayo, mustard, and rosemary oil.

carne burgers singapore complete burger
Photo: @carneburgers.sg/instagram

Alas, if you still feel like there’s something lacking in your life, it’s time to go all in for the big boi—the Complete Burger (S$28). It’s Carne Burgers’ basic at heart, but also with more heart.

I can’t guarantee it will complete your life. But it will surely fill you up with its hearty mish-mash of crispy smoked bacon, fried egg, cheddar, and pickled cucumber.

Meat isn’t the only thing on the menu

carne burgers singapore veggie burger
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For the sustainability-minded, it’s likely the Veggie Burger (S$16) will tickle your fancy. Especially with an enticing grilled portobello mushroom “patty”, topped with light haloumi cheese.

Photo: @carneburgers.sg/instagram

Besides the burgers, there have been rave reviews for Carne Burgers’ sides such as the Triple Cooked Agria Fries (S$8.90). It’s steamed, frozen, then deep-fried to ensure a airy crisp on the final product.

carne burgers singapore milkshakes
Photo: @carneburgers.sg/instagram

Besides that, their interesting Milkshakes are sure to pique the interest of milkshake lovers. They include Salted Caramel, Dulce De Leche, Praline, and Whipped Cream (S$10)

Carne Burgers is an exciting new entrant to look out for. Sure, there are a lot of burger joints but there are also a lot of bubble tea shops and no one’s complaining. The more the merrier.

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