Pick and choose from an array of Japanese-style oden below $2, roasted sweet potatoes & more at Chanko Oden, a takeaway kiosk in Bugis Street

by Christabel Tan

Got an oddly specific craving? Chances are, you’ll be able to satisfy it at the bustling Bugis Street, home to numerous little stalls selling almost every street food imaginable, from sweet and savoury crepes to traditional Hakka yam cake, and now, Japanese-style oden.

chanko oden
Photo: 小张的日常安利/RED

Enter Chanko Oden, a Chinese takeaway kiosk specialising in oden (some call it Japanese-style yong tau foo), the popular one-pot stew (nabemono) sold at food carts, izakayas, and convenience stores in Japan.

Photo: 莓气泄露????/RED

You’ll find several segmented oden pots simmering with the standard seafood-based dashi broth (flavoured with bonito flakes and sake for that umami kick), alongside other equally enticing rotating flavours like tomato and tom yum reminiscent of Chinese hotpot.

chanko oden
Photo: 莓气泄露????/RED

There are over 30 different types of oden to choose from, all of which are priced at either S$1.50 or S$2 — pretty wallet-friendly, if you ask me.

Take your pick from find good ol’ classics like White Radish (S$1.50), Konjac (S$1.50), Chikuwa (S$1.50), and Fish Roe Lucky Bag (S$2), amongst many others. Keep a lookout for the fish-shaped Fish Cakes (S$2) that are simply too adorable to eat!

Photo: 小张的日常安利/RED

You can also find roasted Chestnuts (S$5) and baked Sweet Potato (S$2.90) that make for sweet yet ultra-comforting snacks.

Although no seating is available, everything is served in large cups perfect for eating on the go.

chanko oden
Photo: @chankooden/instagram

Although I’ve yet to fulfil my dreams of eating affordable convenience store oden on a cold, wintry night in Japan, this will have to do for now.

Chanko Oden 力士锦关东煮
Facebook | Instagram
????3 New Bugis Street, Singapore 188867
???? 12pm–9pm (Daily)

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