Get your fix of modern Japanese-inspired char siu noodles with truffle and ikura, wanton tonkotsu soup & more at Chun Feng Man Mian

by Christabel Tan

I’m sure many of you will agree with me when I say that Amoy Street Food Centre is home to some of the most affordable and reliable eats in the CBD.

From Michelin-recommended curry puffs and rice dumplings (bak zhang) to fish soup (which sees crazy queues at lunchtime) and ayam penyet, there’s seriously no shortage of good food there.

chun feng man mian
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Tucked away on the second level, Chun Feng Man Mian (also known as Chun Noodle Bar) is a stall specialising in “more than just your average bowl of wanton noodles” — essentially an elevated version of the humble Cantonese classic.

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There are only two noodle options on the menu: the ikura-topped Signature Char Siu Noodle (S$6) and Truffle Char Siu Noodle (S$9) — both feature handmade mee kia (egg noodles), Iberico char siew smoked with oolong tea leaves and a housemade “secret sauce”.

chun feng man mian
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We opted for the latter, comprising perfectly springy and al dente, noodles tossed in an aromatic truffle sauce — it was subtle and not too salty, taste-wise, so as to not overpower the other components.

Our eyes were drawn to the fairly thick, tender, and sweet slices of char siew, all of which yielded a good bite, without being overly lean or fatty. I prefer my char siew on the charred, slightly more caramelised side, but no complaints, really.

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Each well-composed bowl was also accompanied by braised cabbage sprinkled with crispy fried shallots (can’t go wrong with that) and fried wontons, because who doesn’t love a myriad of textures?

chun feng man mian
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Don’t sleep on those juicy, golden brown morsels — in fact, we highly recommend you order an extra portion of Fried Wontons with Truffle Mayo (S$5) for the rich, flavour-packed, and extremely addictive mayo alone.

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Every main dish ordered comes with a small bowl of surprisingly legit-tasting tonkotsu broth that’s reminiscent of the tonkotsu ramen broth served at proper Japanese restaurants.

You can also order a full-sized Wonton Tonkotsu Soup (S$6), which boasts eight juicy dumplings, each encased in a silky, not-too-thick skin.

Is Chun Feng Man Mian a worthy contender for the title of “best wanton mee in the CBD”? You be the judge.

Chun Feng Man Mian (椿风满面)
📍 7 Maxwell Rd, Amoy Street Food Centre, #02-114, Singapore 069111
🕒 8.30am–2.30pm (Mon to Fri), Closed on Sat & Sun

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