Slurp up a storm at this quirky 24-hour ramyun library in Seoul with over 200 different types of ramen, sides & more

by Christabel Tan

There is certainly no shortage of convenience stores and self-service ramyeon joints in Seoul, Korea for those seeking a quick yet satisfying meal — especially late at night.

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If you’re a self-proclaimed ramyeon lover who’s planning a trip to the +82, be sure to add CU Ramyun Library to your itinerary.

Opened by CU, one of the largest convenience store chains in South Korea, this ramyeon-themed concept in Hongdae is truly paradise for ramyeon lovers!

CU Ramyun Library
Photo: Korea Tourism Organization – VisitKorea/facebook

As you might expect, everything about the space screams “ramyeon“, from the quirky cup noodle-shaped tables to a wall lined with over 200 varieties of instant noodles. You’ll probably be spoilt for choice…unless you’re the sort that’s loyal to just one brand.

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Aside from crowd favourites like Shin, Buldak, and Jin, you can also choose from a diverse selection of instant noodles from around the world — think countries like Japan, Vietnam, and Indonesia — available as both packets and cups.

CU Ramyun Library
Photo: 똥글똥글55/naver

Afterwards, take your pick from an assortment of individually packed add-ons, ranging from the usual suspects like kimchi, danmuji (pickled radish), raw and soft-boiled eggs, and cheese, to beansprouts, sausages, fish cakes, and jalapeños.

You can even get ready-to-eat snacks and drinks to complement your ramyeon of choice and make the meal as light or as hearty as you like!

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After making payment, you’ll be given a special bowl with a barcode that you can use at one of the many ramyeon-cooking machines. If you’re unsure, there are tons of infographics and recipe ideas on hand, so why not switch things up by trying something new?

CU Ramyun Library
Photo: Korea Tourism Organization – VisitKorea/facebook

Not only is the Ramyun Library located near the Honggik University Station subway line (pretty accessible), but it is also open 24 hours, so you can literally satisfy your ramyeon cravings anytime!

Which ramyeon will you be making a beeline for?

CU Ramyun Library (홍대상상점)
📍 25 Jandari-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul (서울 마포구 잔다리로)
🕑 24 hours

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