Koramie is a Korean-inspired 24-hour self-service ramen joint in Johor Bahru with DIY ingredients from just S$1

by Christabel Tan

Believe it or not, unmanned 24-hour ramen stores are no longer just unique to Korea and Japan.

Here’s yet another reason to visit JB over the weekend, especially if you can never get enough of instant ramen.

Photo: Koramie

Koramie, which prides itself as Malaysia’s first self service instant noodle restaurant, has opened along Jalan Adda — just a 25 minute drive from Woodlands Checkpoint.

Photo: Koramie

While not exactly unmanned (staff will be on hand to guide you through the process), the store is definitely the first of its kind.

Aside from being a self-service concept where diners can DIY their very own ramen, which is common in Korean convenience store chains like emart24 and CU, Koramie is open 24 hours daily! That means you’ll be able to get your ramen fix anytime you like, even if you drive into JB in the wee hours of the night.

Photo: Karen Lim/google images

The first thing that stands out as soon as you walk in is likely to be the eye-catching “ramen wall”. It is stacked with a very extensive variety of ramen from Malaysia, Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, and Singapore, alongside well-stocked chillers of drinks and ice cream.

Photo: Karen Lim/google images

After choosing your ramen, head over to the selection of toppings, all of which are vacuum-sealed individually and priced from around S$1.16 (RM4), including the likes of kani crab chunks, lobster balls, cheese tofu, seaweed yuba, tteokbokki, kimchi, and mozzarella cheese.

Screencap from @zulaeikhaa/tiktok

Afterwards, all you need to do is make payment, during which you’ll be handed paper containers and cutlery, and proceed to the row of induction stoves. Feel free to cook your ramen to your preferred doneness — that’s the beauty of DIY self-service concepts, after all!

Photo: azfanaziera zaini/google images

Having visited the viral Jongno 24 Hours Ramen Convenience Store during my holiday in Seoul, where I loaded up on free unlimited toppings and had a really, really good time, I’d love to see more of such concepts pop up around Southeast Asia.

Perhaps we’ll even see one open on our shores very soon?

Screencap from @nyunzainudin/instagram

In the meantime, I’ll look forward to slurping down my favourite Samyang buldak bokkeummyeon with extra cheese on my next shopping trip to JB.

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