GoodLobang Celebrates 50,000 Telegram Subscribers

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We can’t do what we do without the support of our subscribers.

The Big 50

On 15 August 2019, 5pm, the subscriber count on GoodLobang’s Telegram channel hit 50,000.

We were over the moon when we achieved this milestone, and we knew that this wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering support of our subscribers. Our first course of action to show our appreciation was to come up with an amazing deal exclusively for the people in our channel.

GoodLobang50 GongCha Treat

400 FREE Cups of GongCha

This wasn’t just any ordinary giveaway, it was a GoodLobang treat. We created a poll to let our subscribers decide whether the treat would be held at SMU or NUS. At the winning outlet, we gave out a total of 400 cups of GongCha Pearl Milk Tea to anyone subscribed to GoodLobang’s Telegram Channel.

Yes, that’s right – it was absolutely free!

The beginning of many exclusive deals

We’re not your ordinary deal-sharing channel

It was a defining moment for GoodLobang. The turnout for the GoodLobang50 GongCha treat was astounding, with over 14,000 unique votes for the poll. It was then that we decided that we want to continue bringing exclusive deals to our Telegram subscribers.

We made it our new mission to bring extraordinary deals, making sure that each and every follower of GoodLobang will always be in for a treat.

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