Gyoza-San sells Muslim-friendly gyoza in unique flavours like tom yum, unagi & kimchi in Sembawang

by Christabel Tan

Be it jiaozi, mandu, pierogis, or gyoza, we can all agree that dumplings play an important role in different food cultures around the world. If you, like me, can’t get enough of those perfect meat-filled parcels, here’s a relatively new Japanese-style gyoza spot to hit up — Gyoza-San in Sembawang.

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You won’t miss this cheery neon-lit kiosk, one of the newest entrants to Sun Plaza. Don’t fret about the lack of dine-in — the takeaway boxes are equally eye-catching, perfect for impressing your friends at parties or picnics.

Photo: Gyoza-San

Gyoza-San specialises in “conventional Japanese comfort gyozas with a twist” that are catered to local palates. None of the products contain pork or lard — all gyozas are filled with minced chicken and/or prawns.

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The menu is Asian-inspired, with an emphasis on Korean flavours. Go for the Tom Yum Kung GYOZA (S$6.90 for 6pcs), Unagi GYOZA (S$5.90 for 4pcs), or even the soup-based Swimming GYOZA (S$6.50 for 6pcs), original gyoza in superior chicken stock.

Every order of gyoza comes with a dipping sauce — choose from Soy Sesame Vinaigrette with Ginger, Special Leek Oil, or Chilli Lime Vinaigrette.

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Make it a full meal with one of their bento sets, consisting of three original gyozas, rice, and kimchi with Teriyaki Chicken (S$7.50) or Bulgogi Beef (S$8.50).

Do note that Gyoza-San is currently in the midst of obtaining halal certification. There are plans to expand the menu, so keep a lookout on their socials for more updates.

You know what they say in the face of a perfectly crisp and juicy dumpling — I’ll never let you gyoza.

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