Hakken has opened their 2nd outlet at Vivocity with over 700 official anime merchandise

by Natalie Lim

They can judge us for watching “cartoons”. Look at us with prejudice or distaste while the word “Otaku” slide from their tongues like second nature. But real anime fans are unruffled by such balderdash. After all, if you can relate to a “cartoon” character on a soul level that makes you question your life decisions, that “cartoon” must be pretty damn good.

So for our fellow anime-lovers, Hakken has opened their second outlet at Vivocity. Filled with over 700 official anime merchandise and figurines, you’ll get to see your favourite characters in real life. 

Hakken at Vivocity

Hakken 1
Photo: Hakken

Located on the second floor of Vivocity, Hakken would be easy to spot. The brightly lit store dons anime banners from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime and Genshin impact, drawing us weebs into the store like moths to a flame.

Hakken 2
Photo: Hakken

Its first physical store at Plaza Singapura was a huge smash, garnering demand for official anime merchandise and numerous requests to restock instant sellouts — hence the need for a second store with more titles than the first.

Filled with over 700 officially sourced anime merchandise such as accessories, collectibles, figurines, plush toys and stationery, you can expect cult favourites such as Jujutsu Kaisen, Attack On Titan, and even old-time favourites such as Re:Zero. 

Hakken 3
Photo: Hakken

Stickers are also available for you to accessorise your laptops and walls with. Yuji Itadori may have his heart ripped out of his chest, but you can wear your heart on your sleeve.

Photo: Hakken


Photo: Hakken

If you’ve never been into anime, perhaps 2021 will be the time to give it a chance. With all of us being stuck at home now, you’ll be surprised at the kind of binge-watching anime can do to you.

Hakken (Vivocity outlet)
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📍 VivoCity, 1 Harbourfront Walk, #02-37, Singapore 098585
🗓️ 12pm–9pm (Sun–Fri), 11am–9pm (Sat)

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