IKEA Jem is opening tomorrow and here’s a sneak preview

by Natalie Lim

IKEA will be opening their newest outlet in Jem tomorrow at 10am, on 29 April 2021.

Besides getting furniture for a new home, the furniture store is also a popular destination for dates and spending that well-earned paycheck you worked for — it’s not every day that you get to visit a Swedish cafeteria. 

The only issue with IKEA is that it’s situated in Alexandra and Tampines, which makes travelling slightly inconvenient for the Westies and Northies. But with this new outlet, our favourite home decor store has just become more reachable.

3-storey IKEA outlet at Jem

Ikea jem 1
Photo: facebook/Si Sinn

This will be the first IKEA outlet that’s housed within a shopping mall, which makes it smaller than its siblings. However, the store crosses 3-storeys, spanning Jem’s second, third and fourth level, and provides the same amenities and features that the other outlets have.

Ikea jem 2
Photo: facebook/Alan Neo

Each level is connected by escalators, so you don’t have to exit the store just to head to another floor.

Ikea jem 3
Photo: facebook/Si Sinn

One of the best things about IKEA is that besides offering a range of products, they take pride in decorating little showrooms too. This is the place where visitors often get decorating inspirations from, and the showrooms at IKEA Jem are visibly displayed for everyone to admire.

Photo: facebook/Si Sinn

Here’s a dining area that’ll get you flippin through the IKEA catalogue.

Photo: facebook/Si Sinn

Of course, you’ll be treated with a wide range of products and appliances, all kept at an affordable price that’ll make us go, “Häftigt (wow)! I need that”.

Bistro & cafeteria

Photo: facebook /Alan Neo

It’s not IKEA if there are no meatballs involved. Situated at the fourth level would be the restaurant, bistro and food market. 

Photo: facebook/Alan Neo

If you’re wondering why the queue area looks smaller than usual, it’s because IKEA Jem has upgraded to a new Click & Collect Collection.

Instead of joining the snaking long queue to get food, you can now scan a QR code to start ordering and make your payment online. An SMS will then be sent to you when your food is ready for collection.

Photo: facebook /Alan Neo

The Swedish Food Market is fully stocked with products we’re familiar with, such as frozen smoked salmon, cream cake with marzipan and UGANDA ground coffee for the caffeine-lovers. 

Photo: IKEA Singapore

For the first time in our lives, we can look forward to a weekday. 

For more information on IKEA Jem’s opening, click here.

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