This acai cafe in Clementi serves affordable acai bowls, sorbets & even matcha lattes till 12am daily

by Sheree Chua

Dear NUS students and those living near West Coast Park, can I just say how jealous I am of y’all?

From the institutional Fong Seng Nasi Lemak to Niqqi’s The Cheese Prata Shop, there seems to be tons of late-night or 24-hour eateries clustered along that particular stretch at Clementi Road.

Now, you guys have a new cafe joining the ranks: I’m Acai, which closes at 12am daily.

How lucky.

I'm Acai
Photo by Confirm Good

Despite having just opened their doors in the last week of May 2024, this shop has already gained a fair share of regulars. I think it’s pretty obvious that the majority of them are students looking to satisfy their sweet cravings at night (not judging, I’ve gone through those late-night cram sessions).

It also helps that the cafe is the only one in the vicinity specialising in acai.

I'm Acai
Photo by Confirm Good

When it comes to the decor, minimalism is the norm among cafes these days and I’m Acai is no different. The Scandinavian-inspired interior may seem repetitive by now but it’s comfortable and homely — exactly what homesick students may seek.

Photo: @i.m.acai/instagram

Of course, considering its name, most people will head to I’m Acai for its acai bowls. Its Classic offerings (S$6.70 for small, S$9.90 for medium, S$14.90 for large) include the signature I’m Acai, topped with the usual fresh fruits, granola, nuts and superfoods, that can never go wrong.

Photo: @cathrynong/instagram

However, what’s truly popular here is the Green Goddess (from S$6.70), evident by the fact that it was sold out while I was there. Go for this option if you need an extra protein boost as it is layered with yoghurt.

Photo by Confirm Good

Want a custom creation? Its DIY option comes in three sizes to suit your appetite: small (S$7.30), medium (S$10.50), and large (S$15.90), each starting with two bases. Choose from Acai, Chia Pudding and Greek Yogurt, or you can add S$0.60 more for Coconut, Mango, Watermelon Lime, and Chocolate Oat sorbets.

Small lets you enjoy three fruits and two superfoods, medium with four fruits and three superfoods, or indulge in the large and get five fruits and four superfoods.

I'm Acai
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I’d just like to let you know that the acai base served here contains a higher concentration of acai than artificial sugars. This only means two things: its acai bowls are of more premium quality and aren’t too sweet — good news for those who don’t have a sweet tooth like me.

If you’re feeling sorbet instead, take the owners’ words and try out A Lil Zesty (S$7.30 for small, S$10.50 for medium, S$15.50 for large), perfect for when you need a tangy pick-me-up on those especially hot days.

Photo: @i.m.acai/instagram

I will also recommend pairing its Matcha Latte (S$6.00 for hot, S$6.50 for iced) with an acai bowl for an energy-boost like no other. As someone who’s particular about her matcha, I’m glad that my drink is freshly whisked and prepared right in front of me.

Whether you’re residing nearby or simply around the area, you’ll probably head on down to I’m Acai whenever your acai cravings kick in!

I’m Acai
📍 6 Clementi Rd, #01-02, Singapore 129741
🕐 10am–12am (Mon to Sun)

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Photos by Sheree Chua

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