This two-storey shopping mall in Taipei has Japanese-inspired fare, IG-worthy spots & even a laundromat cafe

by Jermina

Travelling to Taipei soon? 

I’m sure we all know that Taipei is a place famous for its vibrant night markets, bubble tea, and of course Taipei 101. 

But, it doesn’t hurt to have something new to explore, especially if it’s something that you can’t find back at home. 

Located in Xinyi district, Ji Xiang Dao (吉祥道) is a shopping mall with a mix of lifestyle and cafes with over 30 brands to check out, just ten minutes away from Taipei City Hall station

So, here are eight dining and lifestyle stores in Ji Xiang Dao including Japanese-inspired fare, a laundromat cafe, and IG-worthy spots.

1. Long Fong Tarng

Ji Xiang Dao
Photo: @longfongtarng/instagram

Did you really travel to Taipei if you didn’t return home with some local goodies and snacks to share with friends or families? 

If you’re looking for authentic Taiwanese pastries and cakes, Long Fong Tarng (龍鳳堂) is the place to go.

Ji Xiang Dao
Photo: @shelly_taiwanlife/instagram

They are known for their golden flaky traditional pastries with interesting fillings in flavours like winter melon, red bean, egg yolk and more. 

And of course, you can’t skip out the signature dense pineapple cake using winter melon, pineapples and butter — a popular and must-try snack that the locals are always raving about. 


2. Sukeroku’s Everyday Life

Photo: @gottehamham/instagram

Sukeroku’s Everyday Life is a limited pop-up store from March 30 to June 16 that’s simply too adorable not to visit. 

For those who aren’t familiar with the brand itself, it’s inspired by Sukeroku — the famous hamster illustration by Gotte from Japan. 

Photo: @gottehamham/instagram

They will be offering exclusive goodie bags if you manage to discover the six hidden spots around the store. 

But, if you didn’t manage to find any, don’t fret, because there are loads of Sukeroku-inspired stationeries and trinkets to get your hands on. This includes plushies, notepads, AirPod cases, mugs and so much more. 


3. Want Show Laundry Lab

Ji Xiang Dao
Photo: @ananeonnihao/instagram

Who says doing your laundry has to be boring? 

Well, the flagship outlet Want Show Laundry Lab takes it to a whole other level (while it may not be the first thing that comes to mind while you’re on holiday, it is still a practical thing to consider)

Photo: @wantshowlab/instagram

Besides offering 24-hour self-service laundry and dry cleaning, there are other interesting facilities worth checking out. Think exercise bikes, an apparel corner, and even dispensing machines where you can get sake on the spot. 

You can also listen to vibey tunes by famous musicians over at the listening corner or get some work done at the open space tables. With these amenities readily available, doing your laundry will no longer be boring, but a breeze.


4. Lucky Bowl Restaurant

Ji Xiang Dao
Photo: @catepeng/instagram

All that walking from shopping can be tiring, but it’s nothing that a little food can’t fix right? 

Fuel up with homely local fare at Lucky Bowl Restaurant that combines Taiwanese, Hakka, Hunan, and Shanghai cuisine. 

Ji Xiang Dao
Photo: @mimima14/instagram

You can expect to find various dishes like seafood, claypot, meats and stir-fry starting from just S$5.45, (NTD$130)

Hearty, comforting, and fresh, I’d say that it’s extremely value-for-money considering the generous portions and quality you’re given.


5. Toun Morn

Photo: @toun_mon/instagram

Not in the mood for the usual Taiwanese fare?

Head over to Toun Morn — a Japanese restaurant that specialises in pork tonkatsu rice bowls. Each bowl boasts chunky and tender pieces of deep-fried pork cutlet over a bed of fluffy white rice with scrambled eggs. 

The fat-to-meat ratio seems well-balanced and it comes with a side of savoury and sweet tonkatsu sauce which prevents the dish from being overly cloying.


6. Miss Hua Hua

Ji Xiang Dao
Photo: @misshuahua_flowerdessert/instagram

After you’re done with your meal, head for desserts over at Miss Hua Hua

They specialise in aesthetic Japanese-style crepes stuffed with ice cream and edible fresh flowers. Choose from flavours like Sea Salt Peanut (S$5.87, NTD$140), Earl Grey Coffee (S$6.29, NTD$150) or Pineapple-Orange (S$6.70, NTD$160)

Otherwise, those who are coming in a pair or more can always share the shaved ice which starts from just S$4.19 (NTD$100) — a refreshing and icy treat perfect for the sweltering heat. 


7. 紅氣球書屋 Lbrbooks

Photo: @lu_minnie81/instagram

For those who prefer a more chill and relaxing activity, Lbrbooks boasts over 100 books from fiction and non-fiction to magazines and literature novels. Take your time to browse through the shelves and pick up something that caters to your personal taste. 

Who knows? 

You might just discover your next favourite read. Afterwards, head over to the communal table to enjoy some quiet time.


8. 果嶼 GoodIsland

Ji Xiang Dao
Photo: @indivi1205/instagram

End of your trip at 果嶼 GoodIsland with good ol’ bubble and fruit tea — you can’t go to Taiwan and not get Milk Tea (S$5.44, NTD$130)

They also have desserts like ice cream and cheesecake to enjoy alongside your drink.

Photo: @ji_xiang_dao/instagram

Afterwards, shop at the sustainable corner filled with a wide array of products like soap, air diffusers, and candles. 


Besides these shops and restaurants, there are plenty of IG-worthy photo spots and places to chill around the mall. 

With so much to explore, it’s certainly worth saving for your next trip to Taipei,be it with friends, families or even solo!

吉祥道 Ji Xiang Dao
Facebook | Instagram
📍 No. 89, Section 1, Keelung Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City
🕐 11am–10pm (Mon to Thu), 11am–9pm (Fri to Sun)

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