Get your nostalgic fix of old-school buns & fluffy rainbow bread at Jie Bakery, a hidden traditional bakery in Tai Seng

by Christabel Tan

Don’t you agree that bread from traditional bakeries (like kaya butter toast in a coffeeshop, for instance) always tastes better?

One of the last few bakeries in Singapore that are still keeping traditions alive, all while remaining unfazed by the ever-changing food trends, is Jie Bakery in Tai Seng.

jie bakery
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The bakery, which has been operating since the late-1980s, continues to churn out authentic and affordable traditional baked goods the old-fashioned way (in large industrial ovens), without any preservatives.

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Most tend to make a beeline for the rectangular loaves of Plain/White (from S$2), Brown Sugar (from S$2), and of course, the crowd favourite Rainbow Bread (from S$2) — the kind being sold at ice cream pushcarts all across the island.

jie bakery
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Jie Bakery’s famed rainbow bread, with its vibrant kaleidoscopic swirls, is soft, fluffy, and slightly chewy, with a mild sweetness that screams “nostalgia” and “childhood”.

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You can also order the much more compact Rainbow Bun (from S$2.70), alongside Pandan (from S$1.80) and Milk (from S$1.80), a type of bread similar to that of Japanese shokupan (homemade sandos, anyone?)

jie bakery
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You can enjoy your bread plain or with a spread of your choice, be it kaya, margarine, or peanut butter, at an additional cost. Do note that the latter must also be consumed within 12 hours (but all bread without any spread has a shelf life of three days).

The bakery also sells old-school buns with fillings like curry potato, ham & cheese, sambal prawn, and coconut, which tend to sell out rather quickly, so come early!

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I hate to say it, but traditional bakeries are no longer a dime a dozen these days. If you’re looking to evoke some long-lost childhood memories and show these old-school institutions some well-deserved love, go get a rainbow loaf from Jie Bakery right now!

Jie Bakery
???? 123 Upper Paya Lebar Rd, Singapore 534837
???? 7am–10pm (Mon to Sat), 10am–10pm (Sun)

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