Jinbobo Bingfen in Chinatown has aesthetic ice jelly desserts in unique flavours like alcoholic osmanthus, sea coconut, popping pearls & more

by Kaye Yeo

Ice jelly aficionados like me will know how hard it is to find the perfect ice jelly fix in Singapore. While we’ve got Taiwanese dessert spots like Do Qoo and Ms Aiyu, sometimes aiyu jelly just doesn’t scratch the itch like a refreshing bowl of konjac ice jelly.

But guess what? Jinbobo Bingfen 金钵钵冰粉 that opened this October 2023 is here to the rescue! They’re serving up mainland China-style ice jelly bowls with creative flavours like Americano, Sea Coconut and more!

Jinbobo Bingfen
Photo: @Nina/RED

Jinbobo Bingfen is tucked away in Mong Kok Food Court of People’s Park Complex, manned by two muscled staff that has garnered much attention on social media. 

But what’s more enticing is the slurpy, large chunks of konjac ice jelly that the store specialises in. It is a lot thicker than traditional aiyu jelly, but still silky and smooth.

Photo: @新加坡痣/RED

There are five available flavours: the Signature Brown Sugar Ice Jelly (S$6.90), Osmanthus Ferment Rice Ice Jelly (S$5.90), Americano Ice Jelly with Ferment Rice (S$5.90), Sea Coconut Ice Jelly (S$5.90) and Green Grape Ice Jelly (S$5.90).

Jinbobo Bingfen
Photo: @小馒头/RED

The highlight of the menu is definitely the Signature Brown Sugar Ice Jelly, which comes with fresh fruits, dried raisins and hawthorn atop a big tub of ice jelly drenched in handmade brown sugar that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

The two alcoholic flavours, Osmanthus and Americano, are also a close second. The Osmanthus ice jelly features osmanthus flowers from Suzhou, sweet wine from Shanghai and is topped with tiny glutinous rice balls that adds to the chewy texture of the konjac ice jellies.

Photo: @jinbobo.sg/instagram

If you’re not a fan of alcohol, you can check out their Sea Coconut or Green Grape Ice Jelly buckets instead. The blue of the Sea Coconut bucket is achieved through the use of butterfly pea flower, with pretty daisies and a generous drizzle of coconut milk that add to its ethereal vibe.

Jinbobo Bingfen
Photo: @jinbobo.sg/instagram

You can also find water chestnut popping pearls that’ll explode with every bite in the refreshing Green Grape ice jelly.

For ice jelly enthusiasts, it’s best to visit early to ensure you get your preferred flavour, as most options tend to sell out by evening. 

Jinbobo Bingfen
Photo: @小馒头/RED

Excited that Singapore is finally getting more ice jelly dessert stores? You definitely should make some time for Jinbobo Bingfen the next time you find yourself in Chinatown!

Jinbobo Bingfen 金钵钵冰粉
Instagram | RED
???? Mong Kok Food Court, 1 Park Road, People’s Park Complex, Singapore 059108
???? 11am–7pm (Daily)

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