Here’s your chance to catch popular OnlyFans creators KiaraaKitty and Yujia role play as maids at this pop-up maid cafe taking place for a limited time only

by Marcus Leong

Do the names Kiaraakitty and Yujia ring any bells? We won’t ask where you know them from but if you are familiar with them, then you’re likely pretty well-versed with their content too. 

Kitty Paradise
Photo: @kittyparadise_cafe/instagram

Good news for all their fans as both Kiaraakitty and Yujia have teamed up to host a very interesting pop-up called Kitty Paradise Maid Cafe. And yes, you’ll get to see both of them in the flesh — are you excited to meet them? 

The Kitty Paradise Maid Cafe pop-up will be taking place on 24, 26 and 27 June 2023 at LIT Bar Lounge Restaurant, so make sure you keep your calendars free if you wanna meet your favourite content creators in person. Apart from the name being a nod to Kiaraakitty’s name, the cafe will also sport cat-themed decor and costumes

Photo: Maidcafe Maidreamin/google images

Apart from having cat-themed aesthetics, the cafe is also inspired by the popular maid cafes in Japan. Yes, you can expect to be served by ladies in maid costumesif that’s your fancy

Much like the maid cafes in Japan, you’ll get the full “maid experience” here too with Kiara and Yujia both engaging in activities and maid etiquette to keep you entertained while you dine. 

Much like their content on OnlyFans, you can also pay for some special “maid services” like AYAYA (S$5), AYAYA X2 (S$10), Dance (S$20), and Photo (S$30)

Kitty Paradise
Photo: Maidcafe Maidreamin/google images

But of course, when you meet your idols in real life, you’re gonna want to give them a hug, which you can do for S$100. There’ll also be some role playing involved, but you’ll have to head down to the cafe to find out exactly what they’ll be role playing — kinky. 

Photo: @kittyparadise_cafe/instagram

Food-wise, you can expect dishes like Meowsta Pasta (S$21), Cheese & Ham Omelette (S$9.90), Vanilla Ice Cream (S$6), and special sparkly pink drinks (from S$8), amongst several others. 

Kitty Paradise
Photo: @kittyparadise_cafe/instagram

While the dishes might not look the best, we reckon if you’re heading down it’s probably not for the food but for the experience. But since the pop-up is held within the grounds of LIT Bar Lounge Restaurant, you can opt to go with LIT’s regular menu instead. 

Photo: @litbarsg/instagram

The Kitty Paradise Maid Cafe pop-up will be held for three days, and for three hours only, so make sure you head down if you wanna meet these popular OF creators in person. Who knows, the “maid experience” might not be your thing but it could grow on you after seeing them act it out IRL

Kitty Paradise Maid Cafe Pop-Up
???? 65 Boat Quay, Singapore 049853
???? 6pm—9pm 
????️ 24, 26 & 27 Jun 2023

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