Kick back and relax at Knots Cafe & Living’s lush green Pasir Panjang garden cafe

by Evan Mua
knots cafe & living pasir panjang

After being stuck at home for most of these 2 years, many Singaporeans are hankering for the relaxing air of nature, which is why picnics had become so popular. Recently, nature-themed cafes have also seen a surge in popularity with the latest eye-candy being Knots Cafe & Living’s new outlet at Pasir Panjang.

Similar to the OG outlet at Paya Lebar, Knots Cafe’s new outlet at Pasir Panjang is a quaint chill spot brimming with plenty of tranquil greens amidst the minimalist industrial decor. Steel frames, minimalist tiled floors, and chandeliers help to spruce up the repurposed warehouse space for a conducive chill-out spot.

knots cafe & living pasir panjang
Photo: @doggaebi/instagram

Besides being a café, the new outlet also doubles as a lifestyle store that sells plants and furniture — so if you like the gorgeous greens that surround you while you sip on your coffee and chow down on your brunch, you can bring a piece of the natural beauty home.

If you need some simple, no-frills bites you can get some of the hearty breakfast items (available until 6pm) at Knots Cafe’s Pasir Panjang outlet, including the signature Knots Waffle Brekkie (S$22), Truffles Egg & Bacon Croissant (S$16.90), and Smoked Salmon Benedict (S$20.90).

knots cafe & living pasir panjang
Photo: Knots Cafe & Living

Other highlights for a treat yoself kinda cafe-hopping day include substantial meaty mains such as the juicy Cajun Chicken Chop (S$18.90), Lamb Cutlets (S$27.90) , and decadent Rib-Eye Steak (S$31.90).

Carbs fiends will also be delighted to go through some of the pasta options such as the creamy Carbonara (S$18.90), Duck Ragu Rigatoni (S$23.90), and Bacon Gamberoni Aglio Olio (S$21.90). Or if you’re more of a pizza person, then you can get some wheels of saucy goodness in their Pizzas such as the Carbonara (S$23.90) and Basil & Tomatoes (S$18.90).

knots cafe & living pasir panjang
Photo: @hungrlyn/instagram

To complete your chilling session at the Pasir Panjang’s get some of their cakes and speciality coffee — nothing beats a smooth Flat White (S$5.20) for a satisfying brunch date.

Knots Cafe & Living (Pasir Panjang)
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???? 102E Pasir Panjang Rd, #01-08 Citilink Warehouse Complex, Singapore 118529
???? 9am–9pm (Wed to Mon)

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