Korean adaptation of Money Heist will star Squid Game’s “Sang-Woo”, drops next year

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Following the news of a Korean adaptation of one of Netflix’s most popular series La Casa de Papel, or Money Heist, excited fans kept an eye out for the unveiling of the cast. In addition to that, Park Hae-Soo, who played Sang-Woo in hit series Squid Game, took to Instagram yesterday (1 Dec) to announce that he will play the role of Berlin in the show.

Park Hae-Soo to play role of Berlin

Photo: Netflix

Thank you Pedro for sending me this iconic mask. In the Korean adaptation we have our own special mask, too. When we reveal the Korean mask early next year, I will be sure to send Pedro the mask as a gift too,” wrote Park in his Instagram post. It has yet to be seen what the Korean mask will look like, but we can expect to get a glimpse of it early next year, according to Park.

A look at the whole cast

korean money heist
Photo: Netflix
korean money heist

The cast of the Korean Money Heist series will also include Park Myung Hoon of Parasite and Crash Landing on You, as well as Kim Ji-Hun of Flower of Evil.

Spanish spin-off series entitled “Berlin”

As the Spanish version of Money Heist comes to a close, disappointed fans might be ecstatic to know that a spin-off series, “Berlin” is set to be released in 2023. As its name suggests, it zeroes in on the character, who is the second-in-command of the Royal Mint of Spain heist and also the planner of the Bank of Spain heist. The Money Heist cinematic universe won’t come to a complete closure just yet, it seems.

I don’t know about you, but South Korea has been making waves in the Silver Screen, and I couldn’t be prouder of the Asian representation.

Money Heist, Korean adaptation
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