LiHO TEA is launching a new menu with customisable drinks, here’s what to expect

by Natalie Lim
liho singapore new menu

LiHO TEA is releasing a new menu on 6 May 2021.

These days, there’s nothing more satisfying than the sound of your straw poking through a bubble tea’s plastic lid. What follows after is pure heaven — whether it’s to beat the heat or just indulging in a sweet treat after your meal, bubble tea always does the trick.

And LiHO TEA will be elevating this experience. They already have a wide array of unique concoctions, but their latest menu brings new flavours to the table, along with a Build Your Own section that allows you to customise your drink.

LiHO TEA’s new menu

Da Hong Pao Wonderland

Liho tea 1
Photo: LiHO TEA

Cheese foam can be found in most bubble tea stores. But Cheese Ice Cream? That’s something that only LiHO can pull off. In this new menu, Da Hong Pao Wonderland (S$6.50 for Medium, S$7.50 for Large) joins the ranks of the Cheese Ice Cream Series.

The ice-blended drink is layered with four exciting toppings. Firstly, delicate and chewy LiHO TEA pearls are added to create a base. A premium Da Hong Pao tea fills the body, and fluffy whipped cream is added. 

A scoop of cheese ice cream then sits gloriously on the bed of whipped cream and Lotus biscoff crumbs are sprinkled on top for a sweet finish. With the ice cream melting into the tea, it’s a sweet and savoury blend that we can’t wait to try.

QQ Macaron

Photo: LiHO TEA

If you’re a fan of both macarons and bubble tea, the QQ Macaron (S$6.90 for Medium, S$7.90 for Large) will be right up your alley. Fragrant oolong tea is infused with swirls of chocolate, then topped with whipped cream and mini pastel macarons. We reckon that this drink is good for the ‘gram.

Calpis Triple Peach

Liho tea 3
Photo: LiHO TEA

Some of us prefer the thicker texture of yoghurt drinks and the Calpis Triple Peach (S$4.10 for Medium, S$5.10 for Large) is one of LiHO TEA’s all-time fan favourites. LiHO’s fans will be glad to know that this refreshing blend of Japanese cultured milk, Calpis and peach puree will be staying in the FRUiTEA series. 

Mango Delight

Liho tea 4
Photo: LiHO TEA

It’s been monsoon season lately, so if you’ve been missing sunny Singapore, the tropical Mango Delight (S$5.90 for Medium, S$6.90 for Large) will lift your spirits. Mango is blended with rich and creamy milk, exuding an underlying tinge of sourness and pine so that the drink doesn’t get cloying.

Topped with white pearls and pomelo, this is a drink that reminds us of the traditional mango pomelo sago dessert. 

Salted Caramel Milk Coffee

Photo: LiHO TEA

Caffeine lovers would understand that a good cup of coffee is all it takes to power you up for taking over the world. The Salted Caramel Milk Coffee (S$4.80 for Medium, S$5.80 for Large) boasts a golden-brown hue of salted caramel with smooth, milky, rich coffee that’ll give you the caffeine boost that you need. 

Peach Gum Rose

Photo: LiHO TEA

The most interesting addition to the menu would be the Peach Gum Rose (S$6.50 for Medium, S$7.50 for Large), though. Topped with LiHO TEA’s new topping, peach gum, this healthy topping has a gelatinous texture from the resin of Chinese wild peach trees. Plus, it helps collagen to be quickly absorbed into your body.

Blended with white fungus, goji berries, peach jelly, jujube, peach flavour and their famous Jing Syuan tea, this is a light and refreshing beau-tea fix.

LiHO TEA’s Build Your Own section

Photo: LiHO TEA

The new flavours may be exciting, but you can create the drink of your dreams from LiHO’s new Build Your Own section.

Variations of whipped cream such as Cream Pecan (S$1.80) and Cream OREO Crunch (S$1.80) can be found on the menu, along with new cheese foam flavours such as CheezHO Lotus Biscoff (S$1.80). With so many options, the possibilities are endless.

Photo: LiHO TEA

The new menu will be launched across all LiHO TEA outlets on 6 May 2021.

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