Organic supermarket Little Farms opens its largest outlet with an in house bistro

by Natalie Lim

There’s a new Little Farms organic supermarket located at Joo Chiat Road and it even has an in house cafe.

This will be the brand’s fifth outlet in Singapore, but the first one that’s located in the east. With the ongoing pandemic, people are becoming increasingly more health-conscious. Whether it’s waking up at 6am for a run or watching your food consumption, the fear of contracting the disease has got Singaporeans doubled down on their health.

So if you’re one of those health nuts, Little Farms specialises in high quality, fresh, all-natural and organic produce, meats, seafood, dairy and grocery.

Little Farms — Organic grocer with affordable selections

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The space is 557sqm wide, which for reference, is about half the size of Don Don Donki’s outlet at Orchard Central. For a supermarket that sells organic produce, it’s pretty impressive.

The store is sectioned into different categories. Besides the all-natural fruits and vegetables, there’s also a meat deli section that features a range of grass-fed meat. These cuts are free from chemicals and antibiotics, and some of them even exclusive to Little Farm — the Mount Barker free-range chicken and pork are air-flown directly from Australia.

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The butcher counter serves those that prefer ready-to-cook items. There’s a selection of marinated meats, homemade skewers, kebabs and more. If you’re planning for a dinner date at home, these ingredients will help you whip up a meal that’ll sweep your partner off their feet.

For starters, there are soups, pasta, falafel and pizza at the chilled section.

Hidden cafe with coffee, breakfast options and hearty mains

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We understand that grocery shopping can be stressful, especially when you’re cooking for a big family. To take a little break, head down to Little Farms’ house bistro and enjoy a cuppa joe. Besides coffee and tea, there are acai smoothies, fresh apple juice, orange juice and of course, non-dairy options for the lactose-intolerant.

Photo: instagram/@littlefarms

Little Farms’ breakfast pickups include the simple yet delicious Smashed Avocado On Toast (S$18) and the Bacon And Egg Roll (S$14), which is two fried eggs, Australian bacon, cheddar cheese and Lillie Q’s BBQ sauce sandwiched between two fluffy buns.


Heartier main options will be the Chicken Parmigiana (S$22) or Vegetarian ‘Lasagna’ (S$22), a medley of grilled vegetables, homemade tomato sauce and dairy-free cheese.

Though there’s a notion that organic products tend to be a tad bit pricey, Little Farms is devoted to keeping their costs low by cutting out the middleman, so you can be sure to enjoy great food at affordable prices.

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