Just opened: Seng Coffee Bar is a hidden gem brunch spot in the East

by Evan Mua
seng coffee bar review

Seng Coffee Bar is a hidden gem that joins the ranks of new openings like The Brewing Ground in the East Coast area.

The area is generally quite crowded with cafes, but the café scene there is continuously growing. There’s an undeniable attractiveness to the rustic charm of the many shophouses in the area.

Seng Coffee Bar is an interesting concept. It’s actually opened by the daughter of Gu Zao Ren Taiwan Porridge, which is located next door.

Despite being opened by a historic brand like that, Seng Coffee Bar’s décor is actually relatively snazzy and modern.

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Green tiles adorn the counter and the entire shop space is sleekly dressed in chic industrial streaks of grey and exposed surfaces.

In contrast, their food carries a lot of Asian influences to make them stand out from the crowd.

There are 2 different menus at Seng Coffee Bar, their All-Day Breakfast runs from 10am to while the mains will be available from 11:30am to 10pm.

seng coffee bar salted egg chicken burger
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For example, their Salted Egg Chicken Burger (S$16) comes drowning in a sinful, flavousome golden-orange sauce. This is one that will satiate the cravings of all salted egg lovers.

Truffle lovers will also live the side of truffle fries that comes with the burgers at Seng Coffee Bar.

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If a chicken patty is too heavy, go for the lighter and flakier Fried Cod Fish Burger (S$23). It comes with miso cod fish and specially made tartare sauce to distinguish it from other fish burgers.

seng coffee bar risotto
Photo: @sgfoodatlas/instagram

Seng Coffee Bar alsos offers Pork Belly Risotto (S$20), Mentaiko Mac & Cheese (S$18) and Prawn Aglio Olio (S$22) in case you need some carbs to complete your meal.

Photo: @mysweetlittletooth/instagram

But by far their most popular item has to be the Chocolate Lava Cake (S$12). This flowy beaut has been featured all over instagram for it’s velvety molten core.

Its finished with a tasteful plating of flowers and fruits at the side, giving it an almost picture perfect look.

If you’re looking to go have a journey to the East for café hopping — Seng Coffee Bar should definitely be on your list. The interesting food options and instagrammable lava cakes will surely appeal to all café hoppers.

Seng Coffee Bar
Facebook | Instagram
???? 389 Changi Rd, Singapore 419838
????️ 11am–10:30pm (Mon–Fri), 9am–10:30pm (Sat–Sun)

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