Soar into spring at these HDB malls with exciting games, engaging performances and lucky draws with attractive prizes to win this Lunar New Year

by Marcus Leong

The Lunar New Year is just around the corner — time to don your lucky colours and huat huat huat!

What better way to ring in the year of the Dragon and soak in the festivities than to head over to your nearby HDB Malls to take part in an exciting lineup of games, lucky draws and activities to score more huats this Lunar New Year 2024!

Blindfolded Lucky Grab

You probably have seen this game appearing all over your TikTok FYP. For those who don’t know which game I’m referring to, it’s the one where people use a spatula to scoop up money while being blindfolded. 

For this Blindfolded Lucky Grab, instead of scooping up actual cash, players will scoop up mock cash from the cash pile. Hidden on some pieces is a little dragon and you get up to five tries to find the dragon and earn one stamp on your game card. Apart from being blindfolded, you also have a 45-second time limit.

Think you can do it? Rise up to the challenge and see if you’re lucky!

Lo Hei Plating


You’ll be given larger-than-life chopsticks and within five minutes, you’ll have to pick up and place the ingredients onto the lo hei printed plate. If you already struggle with regular sized chopsticks, good luck using these ones. 

But, if you successfully manage to match all the ingredients to the right placement on the plate, you’ll earn another stamp on your game card — just a few more stamps and you’ll be able to get your hands on that special mandarin orange pouch.

Both Blindfolded Lucky Grab and Lo Hei Plating are available at the following malls. Check out their Facebook pages for more details.

Mahjong Pong Pong Match


Where are my mahjong kakis at? 

That’s right, a mahjong match could be headed to your nearby neighbourhood mall very soon — well, sort of. The Mahjong Pong Pong match is a little different from your regular mahjong game where you’ll need to flip through the tile to find three sets of matching tiles — kinda like a memory game. 

Put your memory to the test and see if you’ll be able to earn a stamp for your game card! 

Mahjong Pong Pong is available at the following malls. Check out their Facebook pages for more details.

Lunar New Year 2024
Photo: Scenestealer, for illustration purposes

Collect all the stamps to complete your game card and you can redeem a mandarin orange pouch!

Photo: Scenestealer, for illustration purposes

The games are available for participation by redeeming a game card with 300 ShopperLink points. If you don’t have a ShopperLink account, you can sign-up for one and receive a free Mandarin Orange Carrier. 

Lucky Draw

Lunar New Year 2024
Photo: Oasis Terraces/facebook

Does your zodiac have the best luck this year of the Dragon? Put your luck to the test at this lucky draw and stand a chance to win some attractive prizes worth up to S$90!

To qualify for the lucky draw, all you gotta do is to spend a minimum of S$38 from participating stores (maximum 3 receipts) or in a single receipt from supermarkets — sounds pretty simple if you ask me.  

There’ll be eight lucky winners chosen each draw from each mall, so make sure you’ve got your lucky charm with you. Lucky draw participation begins one week before the draw date and more details can be found below. Check out their Facebook pages for more details.

Redemption Period


Live Draw Date

14 to 20 Jan 2024

20 Jan, 4.30pm 

14 to 21 Jan 2024

20 Jan, 2.30pm & 21 Jan, 2.30pm

19 to 25 Jan 2024

25 Jan, 4.30pm

21 to 27 Jan 2024

27 Jan, 4.30pm

21 Jan to 28 Jan

27 & 28 Jan, 2.30pm

28 Jan to 3 Feb

3 Feb, 4.30pm

28 Jan to 4 Feb

3 & 4 Feb, 2.30pm


Lunar New Year 2024
Photo: Shan Yu Dragon & Lion Athletic Association , for illustration purposes

Apart from fun games and awesome prizes, there’ll also be special performances taking place to add to the festivities. 

Photo: Shan Yu Dragon & Lion Athletic Association , for illustration purposes

What’s Lunar New Year 2024 without the quintessential Lion and Dragon dance troupes? I love watching the lion and dragon dance performance, especially when they perform those exhilarating jumps.

Lunar New Year 2024
Photo: Cai Shen Ye Mascot/shutterstock, for illustration purposes

Cai Shen Ye (God of Wealth) will also be making his rounds around the malls and you definitely don’t wanna miss him — especially if you want to get your hands on his four digits lucky number cards.

Photo: Arts and Carts, for illustration purposes

While you’re there, make sure to pick up a pair of free red couplets with traditional well wishes written on it to usher in a blessed new year. 

There’ll also be Fengshui and Geomancy talks by Master Wilfred Leu taking place at selected malls,  if you’re curious to know what your year is gonna look like — will you find love, make more money, be prone to health complications? Make sure to take notes on how you can slay the year of the dragon. 

Social Media Contest

Unleash your inner social media star and stand a chance to win S$50 worth of supermarket vouchers.

Photo: Dung anh/unsplash, for illustration purposes

To win, all you have to do is to post a picture of yourself participating in the malls’ activities and share which was your favourite in the caption. The top three most creative posts from each mall will get to walk away with the supermarket vouchers, so let your creativity run wild and strike the wackiest pose if you wanna win! 

Photo: JLL

More details on the mall’s activities can be found on their social media platforms.

Photo: きむらきむら/google images

Once again, these activities are exclusive to participating heartland malls, with most taking place on weekends, so you have no reason not to head down! Plus, you could end up being one of the lucky winners of the lucky draw contest too! 

Are you ready to soar into the year of the dragon this LNY? Head down to these malls and soar into the new year with us!

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