MeowMe Cat House in Johor Bahru is a cat-friendly cafe and cat hotel with tarot reading, delightful desserts & no entrance fee

by Kaye Yeo

Sure, we’ve covered plenty of cat cafes in Johor Bahru, but what’s one more? There will never be enough for cat lovers. However, what’s special about MeowMe Cat House is that it not only is a cat-friendly cafe with no time restrictions or entrance fee, but it also doubles as a cat hotel!

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If you’re looking to introduce some friends to your own furry feline, you can bring them out for a spin at this cafe in Mount Austin that opened in July 2023. The owner is a cat-lover himself and owns four cats, which you can spot lounging about in the cafe as well!

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The friendliest (and most responsible) of the bunch is the Cafe Manager Douzi (豆子), a floofy grey and white cat that will patrol the cafe and check on how the customers are doing. Feel free to pet him — Douzi doesn’t mind entertaining customers while on the job.

MeowMe Cat House
Screencap from MeowMe Cat House/facebook

There are two resident kittens in the cafe, with one being a tiny golden blue-eyed British Shorthair that will be up for adoption in October! 

The cafe has an industrial-themed interior with an aesthetic combination of stone, wood and metal that makes for a great background for the hundreds of cat photos that will fill up your gallery. 

Photo: @温暖气????????在成长/RED

MeowMe Cat House also has a tarot reading service tucked away in the corner. Heal by The Sun can give you advice and clarity for any worries you might have. But remember to call ahead to set an appointment as the tarot reader operates without fixed hours.

MeowMe Cat House
Photo: Heal by The Sun 占卜疗愈/google images

MeowMe Cat House is not a cat cafe, but a cat-friendly cafe, thus there’s no formal entrance fee nor any time limit for visiting customers. You can pet and play with them as much as you want! However, it is customary and much appreciated if you indulge in one of their desserts or pick one of their quality cat products home.

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Don’t worry, their desserts are as delightful as the cats are. Try the Magnum Hazelnut (S$4.67, RM16) that is packed with deep, nutty flavours and decadent chocolate goodness. Or check out this cute Lemon Cheese (S$4.37, RM15) cake that looks straight out of a Tom and Jerry episode.

MeowMe Cat House
Photo: Meow Me Cat House/google images

What would a cafe be without coffee? Other than classic options like Americano (from S$2.33, RM8) and Cappuccino (from S$3.21, RM11), there are unique lattes like Coconut Latte (S$4.37, RM15) and Doughnut Latte (S$4.37, RM15) as well. 

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If you’re not the biggest fan of coffee, the cafe also offers Matcha Latte (S$3.50, RM12) made with the famous Niko Neko matcha powder and refreshing sodas.

Photo: @旺小薇/RED

For cat owners who are looking to drop off their fur babies at the cat hotel, be rest assured that you’ll be getting videos of them at least three times a day. You can expect a full five star service including litter box cleaning twice a day, ample playtime with the hotel staff and additional pampering services detailed on their Facebook page here.

Prices start from S$10.21 (RM35) per night, which is honestly incredible considering the starting rates for pet hotels in Singapore are three times the price. 

MeowMe Cat House
Photo: @脑阔要爆炸/RED

According to a pet whisperer on RED, she was able to make friends with Douzi quickly by telling him: “You’re the most handsome cat in the world!” Perhaps you should head down to MeowMe Cat House when you’re free to test out her advice.

MeowMe Cat House
Facebook | Instagram | RED
???? No. 28-01, Jalan Austin Height 7/7, Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
???? 12pm–9pm (Mon to Tue, Thu to Sun), Closed on Wed

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