3 of Cups is an interesting tarot-themed cocktail bar at Haji Lane where you can experience a free tarot reading

3 of Cups

Here’s something new and interesting to try with le partner on date night or while you’re out with friends. Make plans to head over to 3 of Cups for dinner and drinks! 

3 of Cups
Photos: @shreenjkaur/instagram, @3ofcupssg/instagram

This tarot-themed cocktail bar is one kooky way to spend your evening, complete with good food, drinks, some mystic, a sprinkling of magic and perhaps some self-exploration along the way. 

Opened in August 2021 at Haji Lane, this is where you can tumble down the cartomancy rabbit hole with tarot-inspired cocktails and even a free tarot reading. Before we get to the reading though, let’s talk cocktails. 

Photos: @3ofcupssg/instagram

One of the highlights of this joint is the beautifully crafted signature cocktails with tarot-inspired names like The High Priestess, The Moon, The Lovers, and The Hermit.

3 of Cups
Photos: @3ofcupssg/instagram, @shreenjkaur/instagram

There are two ways to order your cocktail here. First, you can either pick the cocktail you want off the menu. Otherwise, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can instead pick a random tarot card and let the cards decide your cocktail/s of the night. 

Photos: @3ofcupssg/instagram

The cocktails are also rather aptly concocted according to their theme from The Devil (Gin, Cointreau, White Wine, Ginger and Chili Padi), to The High Priestess (Gin, St Germain, Rose, Calamansi and Soda), and taste divine. But don’t just take it from me, you should definitely head down to give the cocktails a try for yourselves.

3 of Cups
Photos: @3ofcupssg/instagram

Apart from drinks, they also have a simple but substantial menu with dishes like Sawadee Aglio (a Thai/Western fusion and my personal favourite), Witch’s Stew (a hearty lamb stew), and Empress Prawns (de-shelled tiger prawns in a buttery cilantro broth which we’ve heard is really good).

Don’t forget to finish up with a flaming dessert, Black Magic, their signature chocolate cake topped with a magical blaze of fire.

Photos: @tarotwithvon/instagram, @shreenjkaur/instagram

Finally, enjoy a free tarot reading before the night ends after purchasing three cocktails! Whether you believe in it or not, it’s quite a whimsical experience seeing what’s literally on the cards for you.

3 of Cups
Instagram | Website
???? 53 Haji Ln, Singapore 189246
???? 5pm–12am (Tue to Sun)

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