Mr Mookata offers free islandwide delivery for 2-4 pax, gas stove & grill provided

by Natalie Lim

If you’re tired of eating yet another meal dabao-ed from the coffee shop near your vicinity, you’re not alone. Phase 2’s restrictions keep us safe, but they’ve also taken away the Singaporean culture of enjoying a late-night mookata sesh with our friends.

For all the people out there that can’t get their grilled meat cravings satisfied, this mookata delivery is for you. Mr Mookata is offering free islandwide delivery for their mookata sets — from the food right down to the stove and grill, everything is provided.

$68 mookata delivery for 2-4 pax

Mookata delivery 1
Photo: instagram/@mrmookata

For just S$68, the mookata delivery includes a gas stove, two gas canisters, a mookata grill, soup, and four types of chilli. The package also comes with a variety of meat such as marinated pork belly, marinated chicken, prawns and sliced fish to feed two to four people.

Other mookata essentials like Mama TomYum instant noodles, hotdogs, cheese tofu and vegetables are included as well.

At S$118, you’ll get the same ingredients with bigger portions to feed six to eight people. This set also comes will four bottles of Thai iced milk tea for a sweet finish.

Here’s the full list of ingredients.
Meat: marinated sliced pork and pork belly, marinated chicken, smoked duck and bacon
Seafood: prawns, clams and sliced fish
Sides: meatballs, fishballs, crabsticks, hotdogs, cheese tofu, luncheon meat and beancurd skin
Vegetables/mushroom: Chinese cabbage, broccoli, golden mushroom
Others: Mama TomYum, seaweed, vermicelli

Mookata delivery 2
Photo: instagram/@mrmookata

Sure, mookata itself is packed with robust flavours, but it’s the accompanying dips that make the meal complete. Four different types of chilli are provided in the mookata delivery, so whether it’s the mellow Sweet Mild Spicy or the Special Thai Chilli you’re looking for, they have it all.

There’s also an ala-carte menu for those that’ll like to add on more ingredients.

Photo: instagram/@mrmookata

Understandably, cleaning up after a mookata sesh will take quite a bit of effort. Mr Mookata offers you a hassle-free experience by collecting the grill and stove on the next day to save you from that trouble. There’s no need to scrub your hands off when this mookata delivery settles it all.

Photo: instagram/@mrmookata

For the mookata delivery, all meals are carefully packed for hygienic purposes, maintained at cooling temperature and vacuum sealed for ultimate freshness. 

To order, all you need to do is fill up this form or call/Whatsapp 8282 4097. Self-collection is also available at their outlet.

Same day delivery can be arranged if you order before 4pm. 

Mr Mookata
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