Mr Onigiri in Upper Thomson sells affordable Okinawa-style onigiri sandwiches with cheesy crispy chicken, mentaiko crab & more

by Christabel Tan

The humble onigiri may be a snack (or meal, for some) most commonly associated with Japanese convenience stores, but we’ve moved way past that.

In fact, specialised shops selling nothing but onigiri are slowly popping up all over Singapore, like Mr Onigiri in Upper Thomson, ideal for those who have meals on the go.

Mr Onigiri upper thomson
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The former home-based business turned takeaway kiosk is currently nestled along the cafe-populated stretch of shophouses on Upper Thomson Road.

Although onigiri typically comprises triangular or cylindrical-shaped white rice wrapped in seaweed (nori), Mr Onigiri takes the traditional rice ball to the next level with loaded onigiri sandwiches.

Photo: Mr Onigiri

There are seven onigiri sandwiches on the menu, all of which are priced below S$7, making ’em pocket-friendly and portable.

Mr Onigiri upper thomson
Photo: Mr Onigiri

Similar to that of sandos, each onigiri sandwich is packed with ingredients, including the likes of spam and tamagoyaki.

Japanese flavours with a modern twist reign supreme in both the Signature Melted Cheesy Crispy Chicken (S$5.90), a classic combination of chicken patty, cheese, and tartar sauce, and the Mentaiko Kani Kama Onigiri (S$4.90), comprising Japanese snow crab meat with mentaiko sauce.

Photos: @eatwithfelz/instagram, William Lee/google images

Two of the more fusion options on the menu are the Truffle Aioli Chicken Karaage Onigiri (S$6.90), which features chicken karaage and truffle aioli, as well as the locally-inspired Otakotak Onigiri (S$5.90), a unique pairing of otak with mentaiko sauce.

Still feeling peckish? You can still choose from a small selection of side dishes like Chicken Karaage (S$5.90), Crab Cream Croquette (S$4.90), and Ebi Tempura (S$3.90).

Mr Onigiri upper thomson
Photo: @emuneats/instagram

Wash everything down with Flower Tea (from S$3.90) like America’s Sweetheart, Baby Owl, and Rosy Cheek, each boasting its own unique health properties.

Pop by Mr Onigiri in Upper Thomson the next time you’re up for a quick onigiri fix!

Mr Onigiri
Facebook | Instagram
???? 215P Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574349
???? 10am–8pm (Thu to Tue), Closed on Wed

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