Popular Korean eatery Myung Ga II is now open in Tanjong Pagar serving XL donkatsu, naengmyeon, kimbap & more

by Christabel Tan

Some say the only two places keeping Bukit Timah Plaza in operation are the supermarket and Myung Ga II.

Okay, I kid. But really, it seems like this popular Korean-owned eatery is always packed, with queues forming even before it opens.

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If you’ve always complained about it being “too far” (guilty!), you’re in luck, as they’ve now opened a second outlet in Tanjong Pagar at the unit previously occupied by the now-defunct Seoulizm.

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Myung Ga II is best known for their Donkatsu (S$20), a massive Korean-style pork cutlet that comes slathered in a sweet and mildly tangy sauce. Unlike Japanese tonkatsu, which is served sliced, donkatsu is a lot thinner and larger, and is always served whole.

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It comes with rice, cabbage salad, baked beans, corn, and pickled radish, making for a very substantial dish you probably won’t be able to finish on your own.

myung ga tanjong pagar
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Another signature is the Mul-Naengmyeon (S$17), refreshing cold buckwheat noodles in a iced broth with cucumbers, pickled radish, boiled beef, and an egg. It’s the perfect hot weather remedy, so we in sunny Singapore can order it all year round.

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Other classic Korean dishes include the likes of the Haemul Buchu Jeon (seafood pancake, S$20), Kong Jjajang (S$15), and Kimchi Jjigae (from S$17), so there’s bound to something you like!

myung ga tanjong pagar
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I have my eye on the assorted Kimbap (from S$11) with fillings like spam, bulgogi, and tuna mayo, which make for a fuss-free, grab-and-go lunch, especially for those working in or near the area.

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Those new to the eatery can order the Bunshik Combo Special (S$18), comprising a mini donkatsu and a half-roll of kimbap, accompanied by rice and side dishes. Feel free to also top up S$5 for a mini Jolmyeon or Tteokbokki.

myung ga tanjong pagar
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If you can’t get enough of Korean BBQ, the eatery serves Sliced Iberico Pork Belly, exclusive to this Tanjong Pagar outlet, which comes with the option of grilling the meat yourself (S$22) or getting the staff to grill it for you (S$24).

Ready for a hearty feast at Myung Ga II in Tanjong Pagar? Reservations can be made by contacting 8042 8025.

Myung Ga II Tanjong Pagar
📍 28 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088451
🕒 11.30am–3pm, 5.30pm–9.30pm (Tue to Sun), Closed on Mon

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