Get sea salt soya mochi cake, matcha & yam mini basque cheesecakes & more at Nestcha located in Haji Lane

by Carol Ong

If you love bubble tea but always feel super guilty after it because of the sugar, the calories… Here’s some good news for you — Nestcha is a store located in Haji Lane that has a myriad of drinks that’s just as good as bubble tea but half as sinful and much more nutritious. Plus, they also have a bunch of cool dessert creations that you probably haven’t heard of elsewhere, and they pair just fine with the drinks!

NestCha Haji Lane desserts
Photo: 小吃货💓/RED

Some of their newer drinks include the Lychee Phoenix Tea (S$5.90) and Mango Pomelo Bird’s Nest (S$12.90) — both very refreshing drinks that can definitely hit the spot on a hot and humid day. If you prefer floral teas though with their exquisite fragrance, you should probably check out their Orange Camellia Tea (S$5.90), Peach Camellia Bird’s Nest (S$12.90), or the Peach Camellia Mochi (S$6.50)

NestCha Haji Lane desserts
Photo: 西瓜冰沙佳小卷/RED

Otherwise, if you’re someone that likes something more ‘milky’, you can opt for drinks like the Taro Machi Milk (S$6.50), Grape Peach Gum Yoghurt (S$7.80) or Lychee Rose Cheezho (S$7.80)

Looking for something more unique other than the variety of tea, milk or yoghurt drinks? There’s also the Osmanthus Ferment-wine Machi (S$6.50) made with osmanthus jelly, mochi bits and fermented rice wine — good for those looking for something a little more adventurous to try!

NestCha Haji Lane desserts
Photo: 小吃货💓/RED

Also, rather than the usual pearls and jellies, the toppings available here are peach gum and stewed bird’s nest (yum yum) so that you can boost the benefits of your choice of beverage. 

NestCha Haji Lane desserts
Photo: 林林拎不清/RED

Other than the drinks, you can also look out for the sweet stuff — the Chinese Boxes. One of their more popular items on the menu is the Sea Salt Soya Machi Cake (S$9.90), which as the name suggests, is a cake made from salted soya milk and mochi. This combination of sweet and savoury makes it perfect for those who enjoys a deeper flavour when it comes to their dessert!

And if you’re a cheesecake person, Nestcha has also recently released their own versions of mini basque cheesecakes that come in two flavours — yam and matcha (S$8.50). Apart from that, you can also try out their Yam Chicken Floss Mochi Cake (S$9.90). Now that’s one combination that you’ve probably never heard of (but who knows, it could be amazing!). 

So the next time you’re craving for bubble tea and a new experience, check out Nestcha at Haji Lane! 

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