Night Safari has an exciting Ultraman pop-up experience with Singapore’s very own Merlion-inspired monster, Ultraman-themed food & more


Ultraman is an integral part of most of our childhoods — whether you’ve watched the Ultraman series or played with the figurines and video games.

Another fundamental part of our childhood is also probably going to the zoo or the Night Safari — and now, thanks to Singapore Tourism Board and Tsuburaya Productions, we get to enjoy both of these things together in the best way possible. 

Ultraman experience night safari singapore
Photo: Rachel Chew/facebook

From now until 31 October, you can relive the nostalgia at Night Safari Singapore, where you’ll be able to experience an array of Ultraman-themed pop-ups and activities — and this time, you’ll even get to see Singapore’s very own Merlion-inspired kaiju (giant monster), Merliger

Ultraman experience night safari singapore
Photo: Night Safari

Embark on the Ultraman Digital Trail at Naracoorte Cave (with adorable nocturnal animals like the wallaby, barn owls and sugar gliders!), where you can learn about the importance of preserving wildlife. Here, you’ll join hands with Ultraman and Merliger and battle against the various creative kaijus created based on the different factors that threaten wildlife. 

Ultraman experience night safari singapore
Photo: Night Safari

At Naracoorte Cave, you’ll also find some super IG and TikTok-worthy photo points of Ultraman and Merliger so you can jazz up your feeds with a beloved childhood superhero and new locally-inspired friend. 

Ultraman experience night safari singapore
Photo: Night Safari

After a tiring battle against the wildlife threat kaijus, head over to Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant for a recharge, where you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of tantalising meals inspired by Ultraman and various kaijus (there’ll also be an incredible Ultraman Mural here, so your eyes and cameras get to feast on this as well!). 

Ready to save the world with Ultraman and Merliger (and see some adorable animals at the same time)? Head over to Night Safari’s website for the full details and ticket booking! 

Night Safari
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????80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826
???? 7.15pm – 12am (Mon to Sun)

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