Escape city life at this cosy camping-themed cafe in Johor Bahru that lets you dine under the “moon” with affordable mains and desserts from just S$4

by Jermina

As somebody who has never gone camping before, the thought of seating outdoors with food in one hand, and tea in the other does sound tempting. 

However, the blistering sun and humid weather immediately gets me reevaluating my choices. 

OutLine cafe
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Luckily, OutLine Cafe is a camping themed cafe in Mount Austin, Johor Bahru I would be more than happy to “camp” in. This two-storey cafe is completely decked out in everything you’d ever need for a camping trip (and you don’t even have to be outdoors)! 

OutLine cafe
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The gravel stone flooring immediately grabbed my attention as it’s something you don’t typically see in cafes. Alongside the camping chairs and table made up of cinder blocks, it really makes the ‘camping’ experience a lot more realistic. 

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They even have a straw umbrella and night lamps scattered at every table (talk about attention to detail). 

OutLine cafe
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If you enjoy people watching, why not head up to the second level decorated with a canopy and warm string lights for a cosy and inviting ambience? Alternatively, it makes a great spot for people visiting in larger groups!

OutLine cafe
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For those with children, rest assured as this cafe has a teepee (conical tent) to keep the young ones entertained. Also, if you haven’t already noticed, they have a feature decor that looks exactly like a moon! Just looking at this setup makes me feel calm and sleepy.

Can you call this moon gazing? 

Photo: outline_cafe/facebook

Likewise, the first floor boasts the same moon feature wall. 

Unlike the previous cosy ambience, this would make a better photo spot (if you can’t already tell from the solo chair that is conveniently placed up front)

Now you can show off to your friend that you’ve dined at the moon. 

Photo: outline_cafe/facebook

If you’re wondering about the food, you’ll be surprised to find hearty mains with affordable prices. Can you imagine a Ribeye Steak that costs S$12.20 (RM42.90) in a cafe? It’s too good to be true. 

The Chicken Roulade (S$7.70, RM26.90) and Grilled Salmon (S$9.90, RM34.90) look equally appetising with decent portion sizes. 

OutLine cafe
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If that isn’t enough, get some pasta ranging from S$7.40–S$9.70 (RM25.90–33.90). Choose from a creamy Carbonara or garlicky Aglio Olio with tiger prawns. 

Add on a side of Truffle Fries (S$4, RM13.90) or Cheesy Wedges (S$4.30, RM14.90) that’s served in adorable mess tins to complete the camping experience. 

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I always believe that no meal is complete without desserts and OutLine Cafe is no exception — even for a camping-themed cafe. Prices start from S$4.50 (RM15.90) for desserts like the Earl Grey Chocolate Cake.

The Matcha Lemon Cake (S$4.50, RM15.90) has matcha sponge sandwiched in between a layer of tangy lemon curd and matcha cream (pretty sure you can’t get this whilst camping outdoors). 

Photo: outline_cafe/facebook

Wash it all down with some drinks like the Bleeding Matcha (S$4.80, RM16.90), a matcha-infused drink with dried strawberry or Peach Green Sencha priced at S$4.50 (RM15.90) per pot if you’re sharing!

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A cup of iced coffee such as the Chai Latte (S$4.30, RM14.90) can never go wrong. Try out the Aerocano (S$3.70, RM12.90) if you want an espresso with a thicker and creamier texture. 

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This cafe has almost everything as they also have a Green Apple Mojito (S$4.30, RM14.90), Blueberries Mojito (S$4.50, RM15.90) and Kombucha for just (S$4.30, RM14.90).

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Honestly, this seems like a great hangout if you want to have a chill day with your friends. And you get to go ‘camping’ without the chore of cleaning up. I’d definitely pay a visit to OutLine Cafe if I’m nearby. 

Do you need an escape from city life?

OutLine Cafe
Facebook | Instagram 
📍22, Jalan Austin Height 7/8, Taman Mount Austin, 81100, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
🕐 11.30am–10pm (Mon & Tue, Thu to Sun), Closed on Wed 

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