Enjoy a vibey al fresco dinner at this camping-themed mookata joint in Johor Bahru with free movie screenings and a la carte dishes from just S$0.80

by Marcus Leong

Johor Bahru truly comes through when we’re in dire need of a quick weekend getaway. Take your JB adventure to the next level at this cool new vibey outdoor mookata spot with affordable a la carte dishes from just S$0.80 (RM3)

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Located just around 10 minutes from the causeway, Thamp takes your regular mookata dining experience up a notch by combining food with the great outdoors to give you a unique outdoor camping experience. As someone who has had my fair share of camping, I’m intrigued to check this place out. 

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Thankfully, you won’t be required to pitch your own tents or set up your own campfire here. Instead, you’ll get to dine under a makeshift canopy, complete with camping furniture, lights and even little teepee tents — how cool is that! The outdoor cooking aspect of things might bring back some good (or bad) memories for the guys during their NS outfield days, though (been there, done that).

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Apart from cooking up a feast, Thamp also has free movie screenings to keep you entertained while you chow down on your barbecued meats and tom yum noodles — truly a glorified camping experience right here. 

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Food-wise, you can expect to find your regular mookata offerings like garlic pork belly, black pepper pork collar, cheese seafood tofu, tiger prawns, scallops and even octopus. Prices for the a la carte dishes start from just S$0.80 (RM3).

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They also have unique soup bases like White Tom Yum soup and their Signature Coconut soup — I’m not a coconut lover but I’m kinda curious to know what this tastes like. 

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Mookata is always better with friends and if you’re planning to head down with your friends, make sure to get their super value for money mookata sets from just around S$14.50 (RM50). Thamp is also pet-friendly, so your little furkids can join in the fun too! 

Are you planning a supper run to JB this weekend? Make sure to check out Thamp for your late-night mookata fix! 

???? 107, Jalan Serampang, Taman Sri Tebrau, 80050 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
???? 6.30pm–12am (Tue to Sun), Closed on Mon

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