Palm Ave Float Club is like an onsen or jacuzzi spa experience taken to the next level with floatation therapy

palm ave float club

If you love the therapeutic wonders of a good onsen soak or enjoy feeling your stresses melt away in a relaxing jacuzzi bath, you might just want to try floatation therapy at Palm Ave Float Club too.

“Dr Lilly discovered that not only did his mind stay conscious while floating, but it also focused inwards, helping to harmonise and regulate internal functions. As a result, he experienced a profound sense of relaxation and rest.”

palm ave float club
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Unlike soaking in the usual onsens that are heated to higher degrees (and sometimes almost what feels like scalding), room temperature jacuzzis or cold baths – here’s where you will find float pods filled with water that’s been heated to a very comfortable 34.5ºC. 

Photos: @palmavefloatclub/instagram

And here, you’ll be able to float on the water instead of fully submerging your body in it due to the 600kg of Epsom salt dissolved in the water so you’ll be able to float effortlessly. (Much like how people are able to easily float in the heavily salted waters of the famous Dead Sea!)

palm ave float club
Photo: @palmavefloatclub/instagram

There are plenty of benefits to floatation therapy – as it enables you to fully relax with zero distractions – from mental to physical and even spiritual (if you’re into it). 

Mental Benefit
– Reduces stress and anxiety
– Boosts mental clarity and focus
– Enhances your learning, creativity and problem-solving

Physical Benefits
– Reduces back and bone pain
– Quickens muscle recovery
– Improves sleep and reduces jetlag

Spiritual Benefits
– Deepens meditation
– Helps with visualisation
– Builds your awareness of the mind-to-body connection

Apart from the floatation therapy itself, the Epsom salt dissolved in the water will also help to replenish your magnesium levels, improve sleep and reduce stress, and boost performance and recovery.

Photo: @palmavefloatclub/instagram

Wondering how it’ll feel like once you’ve gotten into your float pod?

“It feels like you’re in a safe, womb-like cocoon, the perfect space to rest. Here, you are free from mental stimulation and physical strain. Your mind slows down and enters a deeply meditative state, while your body recovers rapidly from aches, injuries, and stress.”

palm ave float club
Photo: @palmavefloatclub/instagram

So if you’re really looking for a way to thoroughly relax your mind and body, soothe those aches, center yourself, or perhaps even find some peace amidst a busy schedule – book a float (from S$89 for a single float) at Palm Ave Float Club sometime soon!

PS: Hungry after your float? Simply head downstairs to Raw Kitchen Bar to enjoy Latin Asian comfort food and refreshing tipples in an intimate garden oasis.

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