Peko Peko is a hidden stall in the east serving hearty, hard-to-find Japanese-style stews like 8-hour braised pork belly and tomato chicken alongside creme brulee tarts

by Christabel Tan

Whenever we’re hit by a bout of rainy weather, I always find myself craving comforting fare like hotpot, ramen, and of course, nourishing stews.

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That’s when Peko Peko, a hidden stall tucked away in a coffeeshop in the Telok Kurau neighbourhood, just across the road from Parkway East Hospital, comes in handy.

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Unlike the standard fare (teriyaki chicken bentos, anyone?) you typically find at casual Japanese hawker or food court stalls, it stands out from the rest by specialising in nimono, or simmered dishes.

The menu features a line-up of six hearty Japanese-style stews, which can be ordered as sets (from S$7.90) with furikake-topped Japanese rice on the side.

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Not sure what to order? The crowd favourite 8 Hour Braised Pork Belly (S$9.90) sees thick slices of pork belly braised in a dashi stock till tender, flavourful, and melt-in-your mouth. It’s paired with daikon and shiitake mushrooms, and finished with a dab of mustard.

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If you’re all about keeping things spicy, the Ebichiri Chilli Prawns (S$10.90) comprises juicy prawns in a rich and robust tomato-based sauce packed with fresh herbs and Japanese togarashi.

peko peko
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Alternatively, go for the heartwarming Cinnamon-Spiced Beef (S$11.90) or the Miso Salmon (S$11.90) with daikon, carrot, and shimeiji — the kind of dish you’d find in a Japanese home (made with love, of course).

There’s also the option of adding on Cold Zaru Soba (S$5.90) if that’s more up your alley, alongside cold appetisers like Japanese Potato Salad (S$3.90) and Wakame Cucumber Salad (S$3.90).

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End the meal on an indulgent note with the Signature Burnt Cheesecake (S$5.90) or the Crème Brûlée Tart (S$6.90), which sees cheesecake mousse encased in a soft tart shell, topped with a layer of caramelised sugar.

Fun fact: “peko peko” or ペコペコ comes from the verb that means “to cave in” and is also used for the “growling” effect your stomach makes when you’re hungry — very fitting.

peko peko
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Will you be making the trip to Telok Kurau to seek solace in a stew or two?

Peko Peko
Facebook | Instagram
📍110 Telok Kurau Rd, Singapore 423799
🕐 11am–8pm (Mon to Sat), Closed on Sun

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