Just opened: New bakery Petals by Victoria.H makes floral jelly cheesecakes that are too gorgeous to eat

by Evan Mua
petals by victoria.h floral cakes singapore

We all love cake — from adorable Korean-style mini cakes to sexy molten burnt cheesecakes, there are always hyped places that sell out in just moments. But what if you’re tired of the conventional stuff that you’ve seen everywhere?

Then the new rising trend of gorgeous and intricately crafted jelly cakes might be something you fancy. Especially those at the newly opened Petals by Victoria.H.

petals by victoria.h floral cakes singapore
Photo: @zippyzipeng/instagram

This new bakery stands out from others producing similar cakes by adding a layer of cheesecake, so you get a more multi-layered mouthfeel and more robust flavours as compared to just flavoured agar. In fact, they use gelatin instead of agar to give it a more premium texture.

Petals by Victoria.H is part of the recent wave of home-based bakers which grew so popular that they decided to open a brick-and-mortar — and their decor is gorgeous. Its shopfront is dyed in dainty shades of pink and white, with just a touch of gold to keep it fancy.

Photo: Petals by Victoria.H

You can already tell they have a keen eye for aesthetics and it reflects in their cakes, which sport a modern and chic edge to them.

Many of their floral motifs come in the form of more unique varieties like sunflowers or sakura too, instead of more commonly seen peonies or lotus flowers that sometimes feels a bit auntie.

If you’re celebrating a special occasion, their signature Cheesecake Bouquet (from S$50 for 4”) is just the perfect surprise for your loved ones. A lemon cheesecake layered atop a buttery crumb base then adorned with their gorgeous floral jelly creations.

petals by victoria.h floral cakes singapore
Photo: Petals by Victoria.H

You can also find some monthly specials from Petals by Victoria.H, such as their August special which is a combination of chocolate cheesecake, Oreo cookie crust and chocolate ganache, with a chocolate daisy perched atop.

Not a fan of eating a huge cake (hey we watch our crabs too), then you can get the shrunk-down Floral Petite Domes (from $50 for 4), that can be gifted more conveniently — though we might just eat those on our own since they are small enough for our cheat days.

petals by victoria.h floral cakes singapore
Photo: Petals by Victoria.H

The bakery currently offers 18 floral designs but are open to customised pre-orders, though they might charge a bit more based on the intricacy you need for your dream cake. They can even spell out a letter in flowers for that special someone!

Before you head down to grab yourself some cake, you should know the bakery is only open for deliveries, takeaways, and self-collection, and there won’t be space for dining in, sadly. At least for now.

Petals by Victoria.H
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???? 163 Stirling Rd, #01-1238, Singapore 140163
????️ 11am–6pm (Tue–Sat), 11am–2pm (Sun)

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