Just opened: Sourbombe Bakery opens physical outlet at Park Mall selling donuts by MasterChef finalist

by Evan Mua

Sourbombe Bakery has finally opened their long-awaited physical outlet at Park Mall, a year since they opened to booming popularity as an online business.

Donuts have become the next big thing in Singapore since Burnt Cheesecakes and Blackout Brownies. You can expect lightning-fast sell-outs online or snaking queues at most popular donut bakeries nowadays.

Sourbombe Bakery is one of the most popular ones around but unlike most other donut bakeries, they make unique Italian style donuts — or Bomboloni — using sourdough, hence the name Sourbombe.

sourbombe bakery
Photo: Sourbombe Bakery

These bombs have a unique texture that’s fluffy but also slightly moist and chewy. Furthermore, popping it into the air fryer gives it a gentle crunch that’s so satisfying. It does all that without being too overly greasy too, unlike some other popular places.

Also, we don’t know how owner — and MasterChef Singapore finalist — Gen Lee does it but she comes up with some of the most innovative fillings. Burnt Cheesecake and Black Sesame Peanut? Yes, please!

sourbombe bakery
Photo: @saltyaaron/instagram

We’re elated that they finally have a physical store, so we can grab them fresh off the racks, which is better than trying to score one of their coveted boxes when they drop online.

Sourbombe Bakery’s physical outlet has already opened for a soft launch on 3 July 2021, but their official opening date is on 8 July 2021. Be warned though — they sell out fast.

Their outlet is a small cosy space that features a sleek marble counter with splashes of cobalt blue to give it a bit of vibrancy. Unfortunately, it seems that there are no seats for diners to indulge in their donuts here.

Photo: Sourbombe Bakery

But the decor isn’t that important because everyone’s eyes will immediately be caught by the striking rows of gorgeous donuts.

One of Sourbombe Bakery’s most popular classic flavours includes the Basque Burnt Cheesecake (S$5.60). It’s basically a decadent burst of creamy richness with a slight touch of smoke — an intriguing creation that will dazzle sweet lovers.

You can also find other classic flavours such as Blueberry & Lemon Thyme (S$4.80), Lavender Lime Mascarpone (S$4.80), Passionfruit & Caramelised Banana (S$5.60).

sourbombe bakery

If you’ve had Sourbombe Bakery’s creations before, you can also try out some of their seasonal specials. Currently, these include the Black Sesame Peanut (S$5.60), Burnt Honey & Sage Walnuts (S$5.60), Basil Cream & Rhubarb (S$5.60).

If you’re a donut fan looking for quirky flavours and unique textures, then this is where you should go for your next box of goodies.

Alternatively, you can still order online — delivery fees are S$10 flat islandwide, with free shipping for orders above S$80.

Sourbombe Bakery
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???? 9 Penang Road, #02-03, Park Mall, Singapore 238459
????️ 8am–4pm (Tue–Fri), 9am–5pm (Sat–Sun)

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