Pop by potato-themed fast food kiosk Popotatoe in Yishun for Taiwan-style cheesy loaded potatoes, corn dogs & more

by Christabel Tan

Be it baking, roasting, deep-frying, steaming, or boiling, there are plenty of ways to prepare and enjoy the versatile potato. If you consider potatoes your favourite carb, there’s a new fast food kiosk you need to check out — Popotatoe in Yishun.

popotatoe yishun
Photo: Popotatoe

The brightly lit fast food kiosk in Wisteria Mall is decked out in a cheery hue of yellow, so you definitely won’t miss it.

Popotatoe’s entire menu revolves around the humble potato, so you can look forward to fun potato-based dishes that are not only filling but easy to eat on the go.

Photo: Popotatoe

The kiosk’s signature PopoBoat is inspired by the cheese-drenched baked potatoes you find at night markets in Taiwan.

There are two options to choose from — Classic (S$6.50), which sees a loaded fried potato topped with corn, broccoli, eggs, and ham (pork and chicken), and Premium (S$8.50), a meat lover’s paradise comprising streaky bacon, chicken sausage, ham (pork and chicken), and minced beef drizzled with nacho cheese sauce.

You can even top up an additional +S$1 for chilli crab sauce, because why not?

popotatoe yishun
Photos: Popotatoe

We’ve yet to see the Korean corn dog craze come to an end (and perhaps it never will — I’m not complaining). Instead of the usual yeasted dough or rice flour batter, the PopoDog (S$5.20) comprises fried potato wrapped around a stick of chicken sausage and mozzarella cheese.

The end result? A crunchy yet fluffy corn dog drizzled with chilli sauce and mayo, and topped with sugar. Yum.

Photo: Popotatoe

Other spud-tacular menu items include the Japanese-inspired Popoquette (S$4.20), a fried beef potato croquette drizzled with tonkatsu sauce, and the PopoBall (S$3.80), ham-encased fried potato balls topped with chilli, mayo, and bonito flakes. Yes, like takoyaki.

popotatoe yishun
Photo: Popotatoe

There is only one beverage on the menu, which is also potato-themed (but of course) — the PopoDrink (S$3.20), a purple sweet potato drink.

Will you be heading to Popotatoe in Yishun for your fix of cheesy, potatoey goodness anytime soon?

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