Get Prata “French Toast” at Pronto Prata, a new cafe by Springleaf Prata

by Evan Mua
pronto prata singapore

Prata is one of the ultimate staple foods in Singapore, being a popular choice for both hearty breakfasts and sinful late-night suppers. But if you’re bored of the same ol’ kosong and egg combo, then you should check out Springleaf Prata Place and their new cafe Pronto Prata.

While Springleaf already has numerous chains littered throughout Singapore, Pronto Prata is a new social enterprise where they partner with The Social Kitchen, employing differently-abled individuals in F&B service roles.

It aims to have a meaningful purpose of efficiently training people with disabilities to handle the operations of the cafe, with special equipment installed in the kitchen to help them prepare food more efficiently — quite a touching cause.

pronto prata singapore
Photo: Pronto Prata

But moving past all that, there’s another great reason to come to Pronto Prata, which is their wacky and fun menu which included creations such as the prata “French toast” or Prontoast (S$2.50/1pc, S$4.50/2pc) for short.

This unique crossover between 2 popular carbs comes with Springleaf Prata’s popular prata dipped in eggs and milk then pan-fried, just like how French toast is normally made.

To pile on the indulgence, you can even add additional ingredients such as Chicken Spam (S$1) or Peanut Butter (S$0.80).

pronto prata singapore springleaf prata
Photo: @thegluttonproject/instagram

Other exclusive items to Pronto Prata include Mee Siam ($4) and Carrot Cake (S$3.50), which are not things that you’d associate with Springleaf Prata in general but are still familiar comfort foods that any Singaporean would love.

Other than the Prontoast, you can also find other jazzed-up fusion concepts here such as the newly released Praclette (S$9.90). European food fans would love the bougie vibes with its basis of the iconic Swiss raclette dish, featuring melted cheese, turkey ham, black olives, mushrooms and onions.

pronto prata singapore springleaf prata
Photo: @chengchomps/instagram

Another novel European-fusion treat you can find at Pronto Prata is the Däs Prätwürst (S$8.90), a medley of chicken sausage-stuffed prata that’s covered in curry sauce and mozzarella, loosely inspired by the German street snack of currywurst.

Of course, we can’t forget one of Springleaf Prata’s most iconic prata innovations, the Murtaburger (S$8.50) which is a truly decadent hybrid between the traditional murtabak and seemingly Ramly burgers, everyone’s favourite greasy pasar malam snack.

But you can also settle for the classics here at Pronto Prata too if you’re not as adventurous, their no-frills Plain (S$1.30) and Egg (S$2.40) will be just as satisfying as any of the quirky inventions.

Pronto Prata
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???? 7A Lor 8 Toa Payoh, #01-01 Agape Village, Singapore 319264
???? 8am–8pm (Daily)

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