This is Singapore’s first vinyl listening cafe with a self-photo studio that lets you choose from over 500 vinyl records along with a complimentary drink

by June Ngooi

When it comes to the retro and vintage scene, the number of hidden gems laying in plain sight would be a surprise to some. 

Sure, Peace Centre is well-known to be the place that houses vibes like thrift stores with retro film cameras, and even rare vintage books, but what about a vinyl record listening cafe?

Growing up with a father who has always harboured an appreciation for stereos and record players alike, I was super excited when I saw that there was a new vinyl store in town!

slow boat singapore
Photo: Slow Boat/google images

Having soft launched on 1 December 2023, Slow Boat is not just any vinyl record store — it is Singapore’s first vinyl listening cafe

Think of it as a vinyl library of sorts, but without bringing the borrowed items back. You get to choose a vinyl of your choice, and listen to that vinyl while you’re there!

Don’t be fooled by its inconspicuous location on the second floor, as Slow Boat Singapore’s modern rustic and wooden interior will immediately transport you away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Chill vibes? Check

Screencap from @slowboat_/instagram

The walls of Slow Boat Singapore are lined with shelves of vinyl records put up on display, from indie bands such as Vampire Weekend to classics like Michael Jackson

slow boat singapore
Photo: Slow Boat/google images

And if you’re worried that you might not find an artist you fancy listening to, don’t worry, I’m sure there’s something for you amongst the 500 plus vinyl records ranging from pop artists like Ariana Grande, Adele, Lana Del Rey, Taylor Swift and more. 

So you have chosen the vinyl record that you want to listen to, now what?

Screencap from @slowboat_/instagram

Well, all you gotta do is pick any of the comfortable sofas available — each with a designated record player to play your tunes — sit back, relax and plug in. 

And that’s not all!

slow boat singapore
Photo: @kopi.things/instagram

Each table is equipped with at most two sets of headphones, so you’ll be able to enjoy good tunes not only by yourself, but with your friend or partner who decides to tag along too.  

Photo: @kopi.things/instagram

Tickets for Slow Boat in Singapore are priced at S$30 for an hour of listening, and you get one free drink of your choice to boot! If you ask me, I think this is super worth it because where else can you get to listen to vinyl records with a provided player and immerse yourself in the retro music aesthetic? 

slow boat singapore
Screencap from @slowboat_/instagram

Speaking of aesthetics, not only is the interior and overall vibe incredibly IG-worthy, Slow Boat also shares a space with Fotomat — a black and white self-photo studio — so you can drop by with ease to snap some high-quality memories. 

If you are planning to head down to Slow Boat, it would be best to reserve a table and time slot through their official website beforehand to avoid disappointment.

Which vinyl record will you choose to listen to first?

Slow Boat
Facebook | Instagram | Website
📍 45A Craig Road, Singapore 089683
🕒 8am–9pm (Daily)

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