Spa 1 offers an affordable Korean jjimjilbang experience, onsen soaks, ice baths and more from only $48

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When was the last time you felt utterly relaxed? The most relaxed I’ve ever felt is usually after a really good massage or some time spent in an onsen spa. Imagine spending hours relaxing in a sauna or soaking in a warm onsen, allowing your body to relax and feeling your aches melt away… Spa 1 is one of the best places to do that here in Singapore.

All you need to do is choose your spa pass, S$48 for a 3-hour pass (very affordable!), S$68 for a full day pass, and S$108 for a couple/buddy pass for two people. 

spa 1
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Once you’ve decided how much time you want to spend here, head over to the 12 facilities offering everything you need to fully relax. Think saunas, steam rooms, a hot bath, ice bath and more. Some of the saunas even resemble the jjimjilbangs (local public bathhouses) in South Korea – the same ones some of us might have seen in Korean dramas we’ve watched over the years.

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If you’d like to have a bit of a  jjimjilbang experience, spend some time in the Himalayan Salt Sauna or Cassia Seed Sauna. The Himalayan Salt Sauna will leave you feeling energised and ready to go, while the Cassia Seed Sauna helps to relieve congestion, redness and vision-based ailments. (They also provide the traditional Korean sheep head towels here!)

spa 1
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Next, head to the modern and electrically heated Finnish Sauna which will help to improve your vascular health and flush out toxins in your body. Otherwise, you can also choose to relax in the Jade Room on the premium Myanmar jade beds. If you’re a fan of chiropractic and acupressure benefits, here’s where you’ll be able to correct imbalances in your musculoskeletal system and “Qi” (read: “life force” in traditional Chinese medicine).

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Ready for more? Move on over to the Steam Room (filled with menthol) to energise your senses, reduce congestion and improve your cardiovascular health before finally sinking into the Hot and Ice Baths. Hot baths will help to improve circulation and increase metabolism, while ice baths help to alleviate sore muscles and inflammation (especially good for athletes or people who work out!).

Feeling relaxed and maybe a tad nibbly? There’s a Resting Lounge where you can nap or relax for a bit, as well as a Cafe serving delicious vegetarian meals, free-flow snacks and refreshments. 

spa 1
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For those looking for something a little more, there’s an Oxygen Room, Foot Spa, and Grand Spa Therapy available as well, which come with additional charges. 

With so many facilities to try out here, you can look forward to a fully relaxing and rejuvenating experience when you visit Spa 1!

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