Starbucks launches Singaporean Shiok-ah-ccino, comes with free stainless steel spoon

by Natalie Lim

The Starbucks Shiok-ah-ccino is back for the fifth consecutive year.

Be it kopi c kosong, teh bing siu dai or even yuan yang, we Singaporeans have unique coffee titles that some countries are bewildered by. And if you simply can’t decide on your go-to beverage for today, it’s time to give the Shiok-ah-ccino a try.

Crafted by Starbucks, the all-new Shiok-ah-ccino is a mix of coffee and tea, specially created to embody the Singapore spirit in place of celebrating the nation’s birthday. The beverage has just been launched across all stores on 22 July and will be available for a limited time.

Starbucks Shiok-ah-ccino

Starbucks shiok-ah-ccino
Photo: Starbucks Singapore

This year, two new flavours grace Starbucks’ menu. The Starbucks Shiok-ah-ccino is a mix of aromatic coffee and nutty hojicha tea blended with ice and chocolate chips, guaranteed to satisfy your caffeine need. Finished off with fluffy whipped cream and a Merlion Bearista chocolate topper, it’s an adorable beverage you should not miss.

The Tall-sized Shiok-ah-ccino is priced at S$8.50, but an upgrade to Venti (S$10.20) gives you a complimentary SHIOK! Spoon, a stainless steel cutlery that’ll fit right at home.

Starbucks shiok-ah-ccino
Photo: Totally The Bomb

The Starbucks Neapolitan Frappuccino (S$8.50 for Tall) has been on their secret menu for some time now — but today, this secret will be revealed. Look forward to layers of mocha sauce, strawberry sauce and vanilla bean powder combined with ice and milk, then finished with whipped cream, mocha sauce drizzle and crunchy waffle topping — a sweet indulgence for dessert lovers.

Starbucks SHIOK! Food

Photo: Starbucks Singapore

Besides the two Shiok-ah-ccinos, Starbucks has also launched a series of SHIOK! Food, a local twist on cakes and pastries that Singaporeans will love. The Orh Nee (Yam) Cake (S$7.50) is layers of soft sponge topped with taro yam paste and coconut cream, holding a subtle sweetness that’ll melt in your mouth.

Other selections include the Milo Dinosaur Cheesecake (S$7.50) and Mango Sago Cake (S$7.50).

Starbucks shiok-ah-ccino
Photo: Starbucks Singapore

Since dining-in is restricted, the Starbucks Shiok-ah-ccino and SHIOK! Food can be ordered via Mobile Order & Pay, or via delivery platforms such as Grabfood, Foodpanda or Deliveroo.

Find your nearest Starbucks store here.

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