Taylor Adam is a snazzy secret bar hidden behind a tailor shop at Raffles

by Evan Mua
taylor adam

Hidden bars aren’t a new thing — we’ve seen plenty of quirky cafes and bars hidden behind vending machines and fridges. However, the new Taylor Adam takes it up a notch with a posh tailor facade which leads into a secret bar.

You’d get asked “are we scheduled for a fitting today?” when you step into the unassuming shopfront, before getting ushered into the fitting room which slides open to reveal a secret room like in that tailor scene in Kingsman.

taylor adam
Photo: Taylor Adam

Inside, you’d find the true guise of Taylor Adam — a swanky speakeasy bar dressed up with a old-time suaveness and a quaint British flair that will help you charm the socks off of your date.

So just kick back and lounge in a comfy spot of the bar then order a drink, or ten — the drinks are specially concocted by mixology expert Andrew Pang who is also the Beam Suntory Regional Brand Ambassador.

taylor adam
Photo: Taylor Adam

For the most immersive experience, Andrew has curated an interesting medley of 12 drinks (all priced at S$22.80) for Taylor Adam which were tailored on tales of Singapore’s dealings with countries all over the UK and Commonwealth.

Suntory fans would feel right at home here because there will be quite a few Suntory spirits in the mix. An easy-to-drink tipple that uses their popular Roku gin is the Pulau Sentosa (S$22.80) which puts a fun twist on the iconic Singapore Sling using Roku gin, Aperol, coconut syrup, and sparkling wine.

taylor adam
Photo: Taylor Adam

Those looking for something wacky and unapologetically British can order the adventurously named LSD (S$22.80) which takes some vibrant inspirations from The Beatles hit song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”.

If you’re a fan of classics, you can find many spruced up reimagining of classics at Taylor Adam such as the New York, New York (S$22.80) which is a play on the Manhattan, and a Vesper Martini (S$22.80) that utilises the elegance of 2 of Suntory’s signature spiritws in Roku Gin and Haku Vodka.

For those wondering if the tailor shop is just for show — no, you can actually make an appointment to be measured for a bespoke outfit there. So, the next time you need to slip away for a bit, just tell your colleagues you have to go get a suit fitted — your “fitting” will be quite an invigorating morale booster.

You can make a reservation here.

Taylor Adam
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???? 1 Raffles Pl, #01-03, Singapore 048616
???? 5pm–10:30pm (Mon to Sat)

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