Write letters to your ex, unload emotional baggage & more at this breakup-themed pop-up exhibition in a café

by Kylynn Seng

It’s been so long since we last spoke. How have you been? 

Whether between lovers or friends, breakups are painful — that much is certain. In this breakup-themed pop-up cleverly titled “The EX-hibition” by Sincerely, Singles and Main Street Commissary, exes are defined as “a former lover, friend, or cherished individual in your life”. If you’ve yet to sort out some of those unresolved feelings that you might still be holding on to, this is the place to go for some catharsis.

The EX-hibition
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Held within Main Street Commissary, The EX-hibition aims to highlight the messy yet beautiful process of moving on through love, loss, and heartbreak. Here, you can sit with your friends and loved ones and discuss some conversational prompts that are bound to ignite some honest conversations — which might just help you heal a little more.

Screencap from @mainstreetcommissary/instagram, @sincerelysingles/instagram

If you’re on TikTok, you might have chanced across a few videos where jilted lovers spill the tea on their exes. Well, you’ll also get to read some anonymous real-life conversations at the “Texts from Exes” exhibit, or even send in your own submissions via IG DM to Main Street Commissary. 

The EX-hibition
Screencap from @mainstreetcommissary/instagram, @sincerelysingles/instagram

Still holding on to that soft toy from that (ex) special someone? Double it and give it to the next person. Just kidding. You can actually bring it along with you and contribute it to the memory dump box — and even pick up something nice in return. Out with the old, in with the new!

Screencap from @mainstreetcommissary/instagram, @sincerelysingles/instagram

I know, it can be really difficult to find closure from a past relationship, especially if it ended abruptly. If you’ve always wanted to get something off your chest but never had the chance to, pen down those words and put them up on the letter board. Or if you’re not really good with words, you can also read the letters from other people — fair warning though, it can get pretty emotional. 

The EX-hibition
Photo: @mainstreetcommissary/instagram

Ready to enter your healing era? 

The EX-hibition @ Main Street Commissary
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???? 81 Rowell Rd, Singapore 208014
???? 9am–5pm (Daily)
????️ Now till 30 Apr 2023

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