The Ice Cream Bar is a gelato bar specialising in alcoholic ice cream to add a little kick to your desserts

by Evan Mua

Ice cream is a great late-night dessert for winding down after dinner and chilling with some friends over some chilled cream. But you know what else is great late-night food? Alcohol. But with the 10:30pm curfew, it means you can’t get alcohol right? Wrong. Meet the new The Ice Cream Bar at Kampong Bahru.

This swanky new gelato bar takes the word bar a bit more literally — it combines the best of both ice cream and alcohol, being one of the few gelato cafes in Singapore that specialises in alcoholic ice cream.

the ice cream bar singapore
Photos: @xo.burrito/instagram & @saltyaaron/instagram

While The Ice Cream Bar will be the first Singapore outlet, they are actually an established brand from Malaysia that’s a sister company of another popular brand Inside Scoop.

You can expect very minimalist and elegant decor befitting of the more mature speciality they offer here.

the ice cream bar singapore
Photo: @xo.burrito/instagram

In terms of pricing at The Ice Cream Bar, a Single Scoop costs S$4.90, Double Scoops costs S$8.50 and if you feel like ballin’ then get a Triple Scoop for S$11.60 . Premium Flavours are priced at S$1 more and Double Premium at S$2 more.

Of course, their main draw of alcoholic flavours belong in the 2 premium categories — hey alcohol ain’t cheap.

the ice cream bar singapore
Photo: The Ice Cream Bar Singapore

So what are the boozy indulgences you can get buzzed on after 10:30pm? Some of the Premium flavours include Kahlua Cheesecake, Crunchy Choc Whiskey, Bailey’s Brownies, and Smoked Cognac.

Though of course, if it’s treat yoself day for you then dig into their Double Premium flavours such as the Guinness Pistachio, packing a dark and rich mixture of stout and nutty fragrance. Or if you’re a teetotaler then the Sicilian Pistachio might satiate your need for ice cream without the alcohol content.

the ice cream bar singapore
Photo: @yongweikai/instagram

Of course, most people will feel like their ice cream experience is a bit lacking without some waffles, so the good news is that The Ice Cream Bar has 2 varieties available in the Buttermilk and Charcoal Waffles ($6) if you need some crunch to elevate your velvety desserts.

If you really need some of that drinking action, then get their Affogato (S$7.80) for a creamy low-ABV dose of sin for the night. Either way, both alcohol lovers and ice cream lovers will get satisfied here with the unique range of flavours — where else can you find an alcoholic ice cream shop in Singapore?

The Ice Cream Bar SG
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???? 59 Kampong Bahru Rd, #01-01, Singapore 169367
????️ 12:30pm –10:30pm (Sun–Thurs), 12:30pm –12am (Fri–Sat)

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