Halfpipe Skate Bar is where skateboard meets coffee

by Evan Mua
halfpipe skate bar review

Themed cafes are a dime a dozen in Singapore but let’s face it, most of them are just eye-pleasing gimmicks. Halfpipe Skate Bar though, opened last December, is a café with a theme that’s actually purposeful.

It’s a concept by skate enthusiasts, for skate enthusiasts. Halfpipe Skate Bar is the brainchild of snowboarding company The Ride Side who aimed to combine skating, snowboarding and coffee all under one roof.

halfpipe skate bar singapore

To build on that idea, it’s made remarkably accessible to skaters, being just a stone’s throw away from Somerset Skate Park. Now skaters don’t have to wrack their brains over where to get that caffeine boost after shredding the halfpipe.

Coffee is the main focus and they don’t just pull their shots with any random roasts—their espresso blend is specially roasted for them by coffee veterans Penny University.

halfpipe skate bar singapore

Their menu has pretty much the range of coffee you’d expect from most cafes, from the classic Black (S$4) and White ($5) to the trendier Specialty Cold Brews, available in both White (S$7) or and Black (S$8).

Alternatively, you can get some House Blend Beans for your home brews. Each bag costs S$18 for 200g or S$55 for 1kg.

Like how they cater to both snowboarders and skateboarders, they also cater to coffee lovers and the caffeine-intolerant. If coffee ain’t your thing, go for some of the alternatives like some rich Chocolate (S$5) or a refreshing Kombucha (S$7).

halfpipe skate bar singapore

If you something more exciting to celebrate finally nailing that hardflip, Halfpipe Skate Bar does offer boozy beverages. They have the word bar in their name, after all.

They have a strong curation of craft beer, with a diverse selection including Aussie darlings Moon Dog to cult Danish brand To Øl. Lager, stouts, or sours—something for everyone.

halfpipe skate bar singapore

The coolest thing about Halfpipe Skate Bar isn’t just the coffee though. The 12-seater space in Halfpipe serves as a hangout spot for the skater community but a portion of the shop space is also dedicated to retail for gear.

Halfpipe has the whole experience planned out for skaters, and I for one am excited to see how they grow. Hey, maybe it’s even time for me to get into becoming a sk8rboi.

Halfpipe Skate Bar
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???? 111 Somerset Rd, #01-15 SOMERSET, TripleOne Somerset, Singapore 238164
????️ Opening Hours: 8:30am –10:30pm (Mon-Sun)

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