Wan Wan Thai Café is one for those who miss BKK café hops

by Evan Mua
wan wan thai cafe singapore review

I chanced upon Wan Wan Thai Café while researching for places to feed my nostalgia of café hopping in Bangkok.

wan wan thai cafe decor
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This place will transport you back” is a line that’s been overused. However, it’s very relatable since everyone’s been searching for places that can scratch those wanderlust itches.

Wan Wan Thai Café is surely one that will appeal to many Bangkok lovers with their menu reminiscent of popular BKK cafes.

Photo: @wanwan.thaicafe/instagram

Located right above Aroy Dee Thai Kitchen at Hotel G, Wan Wan Thai is a snazzy small space that comes with photo walls decked in neon lights and lush greens.

You have plenty of natural sunlight near the windows, which make their white couches and marble table perfect for those #foodstagram flatlays.

If you’re wondering what to get at Wan Wan Thai Café, their shibuya toasts are probably a safe bet.

wan wan thai cafe milk tea toast
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Their Milk Tea Toast (S$9.90) is one of their most popular items, and has been to compared to After You.

A crispy golden-brown toast is served with a scoop of silky Thai milk tea ice cream and scattered cookie crumbs. A cup of honey is provided for those mouth-watering drizzle boomerangs.

Besides the signature milk tea flavour, you can also get Coconut (S$12.90), Milo (S$8.90), Tea Mango (S$12.90) and Kaya (S$8.90).

wan wan thai cafe bingsu
Photo: @kevin_the_hiak/instagram

The other dish at Wan Wan Thai that is a throwback to BKK cafes is their Bingsu.

The menu features typical flavours like Green Tea (S$9.90), Oreo (S$12.90), Red Bean (S$12.90) but also more interesting ones like Coconut (S$13.90), Berry (S$13.90) and Strawberry Banana (S$14.90).

wan wan thai cafe milk tea bingsu
Photo: @pictorialfood/instagram

Similar to the Shibuya toast though, the Milk Tea Bingsu (S$10.90) is the most popular of all.

It’s served with delicate Korean ice shavings made from Thai milk tea, cookie crumbs and a scoop of ice cream. The ice cream is normally milk tea, but it was changed for matcha here.

Photo: @wanwan.thaicafe/instagram

Alternatively, Wan Wan Thai Café also serves Waffles with Ice Cream (S$8.50) should you crave something simpler.

Simply put, Wan Wan Thai Cafe is one for those missing the sweet cafe hopping life of BKK. Even if you’re not looking for that, it’s gorgeous space and extensive, varied menu makes it a great spot for dates and hangouts.

Wan Wan Thai café
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????️ 12:30pm–3am (Daily)

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