YeYak Korean Restaurant serves authentic short rib galbi, spicy rose buldak chicken alongside other unique & comforting dishes

by Christabel Tan

We’ve long established that Tanjong Pagar is home to some of the best Korean food you can find in Singapore.

Here’s a new Korean-owned restaurant worth adding into your to-visit list — YeYak Korean Restaurant, which officially opened its doors in August 2022.

yeyak korean restaurant
Photo: @yeyak_sg/instagram

Located along Keppel Road, this casual restaurant & bar boasts a rustic ambience (complete with the iconic round stainless steel tables and wooden booths with low seating) straight out of the streets of Korea.

YeYak Korean Restaurant specialises in traditional Korean dishes with a modern touch, including some unique options you’ll be hard-pressed to find on our island.

Photos: @yeyak_sg/instagram

Most of the dishes can comfortably feed up to 3 pax, so round up your friends and order the signature Braised Short Ribs LA Galbi (S$65), Spicy Chicken Stew (S$38), and Spicy Stir-fried Chicken in Original (S$32) and Rose (S$35) flavours.

Bulk ’em up with Rice Cake (S$3), Glass Circle/Chewy Noodles (S$5), and/or Ramyeon Noodles (S$3) for a filling and hearty meal.

yeyak korean restaurant
Photos: seul jo/google images, MJ k/google images

You can also find the usual Korean BBQ, as well as a few interesting options like the Spicy Sea Nails with Noodle & Spam (SS$52) and Prawn Chives Pancake (S$30).

Photos: jacq enoch/google images

But comfort food is what YeYak Korean Restaurant truly specialises in. And can you name a better comfort food than fried chicken? Go for the Korean Fried Chicken Wings (S$15) tossed in Spicy Sauce, Garlic Soy Sauce, or Cheese/Honey Butter, Old Style Fried Chicken (S$28), or even addictive Fried Chicken Gizzard (S$15).

Otherwise, the Deep Fried Iberico Pork Belly with Garlic (S$28), served alongside kimchi and pickles, and Fried King Oyster Mushroom (S$12) with Spicy Sauce or Garlic Soy Sauce are also standouts.

Personally, I’d order the indulgent Bacon Corn Cheese (S$25) in a heartbeat — it never fails to hit the spot.

yeyak korean restaurant
Photos: Tris Tobias/google images, jacq enoch/google images

Wash everything down with soju, makgeolli, or couple of YeYak Draft Beers at just S$9.90 all day long. Bottoms up!

A hearty Korean meal with your family and friends await — you’ve had a very long week, after all.

YeYak Korean Restaurant
???? 7 Keppel Rd, #01-18/20, Singapore 089053
???? 11am–2.30pm, 5pm–11pm (Mon to Sat), Closed on Sun

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