Yujin Izakaya is a lively izakaya hidden in town with authentic bites and booze for the ultimate Japanese feast

by Carol Ong

There’s just something about izakayas that make them seem so otherworldly. Every time I set foot into one, especially the more traditional looking ones with dark interiors and lanterns all over, I always feel like I’m in a Studio Ghibli film (namely Spirited Away). 

yujin izakaya singapore
Photo: @milky.benben/instagram

Located along Zion Road near Great World City mall, Yujin Izakaya is definitely one of those izakayas that I’ve mentioned above. As you approach the storefront of this izakaya, you’ll see a ‘wall’ of lanterns and a warm and lively interior that seems to be drawing you in — and don’t get us started on the tantalising smell of grilled skewers emanating from the inside. 

yujin izakaya singapore
Photo: Yujin Izakaya

While the izakaya might not be the biggest, it’s really cosy and comfortable — just the right type of place to have a chill evening with your loved ones over some yummy bites and drinks. The menu is really substantial as well, and the most popular is probably the grilled skewers that you’ll see on almost every table. 

yujin izakaya singapore
Photo: Yujin Izakaya

Choose from a variety of vegetables, meat and seafood for your grilled skewers like Eringi (king oyster mushroom) (S$10), Tomorokoshi (corn) (S$10), Reba (chicken liver) (S$5), Sunagimo (chicken gizzard) (S$5), Nankotsu (cartilage) (S$6), Gyutan (ox tongue), Gyu kalbi (beef short rib) and more. 

yujin izakaya singapore
Photo: Yujin Izakaya

As for the mains, their most popular item is the Gyu Yakiniku (S$25) as well as Ebi Somen (S$25). If you’re craving for something refreshing and a little different, their Somen (S$16) is a really good option too, comprising cold noodles, salmon sashimi, ikura, yuzu and spring onion. 

And of course, you can’t go to an izakaya without ordering some drinks! Most tend to go for the refreshing cocktails like the Lychee Saketini (S$18), Sparkling Yuzu (S$16) concocted with jello, sake and yuzu, and more, but if you are more into beer, they have the classic Suntory Premium Malts (S$16/pint) Asahi Super Dry (S$12/bottle) and Sapporo Premium (S$12/bottle) too — can’t really go wrong with a cold one!

If you’ve been looking for a cool new place to have a chill night with your buddies, check out this izakaya along Zion Road! 

Yujin Izakaya
Facebook | Instagram | Website
📍56 Zion Rd, Singapore 247781
🕒 11.30am–2.30pm, 5pm–10pm (Mon to Sat, closed on Sun)

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