11 unique bouquets to level up your Valentine’s Day game


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, are you stuck on what to get your special one for that special occasion? Move over traditional flower bouquets, we’re making way for 11 unique bouquets to level up your V-Day game and impress the heck out of your date.

Edible or not, these interesting gifts will be sure to leave a lasting impression that will have you and your beau talking about it for years to come.

1. Fried Chicken (S$89.90)

unique bouquets
Photo: Kflower.co

Who loves fried chicken? Oh yes, oh yes we do. Surprise your lover with this unconventional bouquet, made with yummy KFC chicken. 10 pieces of crispy or original fried chicken make for this impressive arrangement, you and your love will definitely remember this night to be finger-lickin’ good.

Get the Fried Chicken bouquet here.

2. Garlic and Chilli Bouquet (S$40)

unique bouquets
Photo: @rose.apple.date/Carousell

Say yes to warding off vampires and breaking the Scoville levels with this fiery bouquet, with an intricate arrangement of fresh, yes you heard it right, garlic, bird’s eye chilli and rosemary. Definitely eye-catching and memorable, this makes for a super practical gift if your loved one loves cooking up spicy dishes that are as hot as the love between the both of you, as every aspect of the bouquet can be used.

Get the Garlic and Chilli Bouquet here.

3. Dried Fruit Bouquet (S$89)

unique bouquets
Photo: @rose.apple.date/Carousell

If your partner is more up the healthy-eating lane, this dried fruit bouquet will definitely have them snacking for days. Packed with a variety of fruits such as mangoes, apricots and dates, this assortment is not only full of vitamins but would pair perfectly with a simple cheese platter and wine for a romantic valentine’s night in. 

Get the Dried Fruit bouquet here.

4. Snack Bouquet (S$48)

Photo: @jl_bouquet/Carousell

Impress your date with this breathtakingly beautiful pink snack bouquet, that is not only yummy but is adorned with sprigs of baby’s breath flowers and a delightful heart-shaped balloon. It comes with an assortment of 6 snacks and also has an option to add on LED string lights for that extra sparkle. 

Get the Snack bouquet here.

5. Yakult Bouquet (S$30)

Photo: kflower.co

In a world where good immunity is now everything, why not gift your partner with a healthy gut? Packed with more than 10 billion L. casei strain Shirota, this Yakult bouquet not only tastes yummy but will also replenish and balance your gut flora for a healthy, happy body.  

Get the Yakult Bouquet here.

6. LEGO Bouquet (S$79.90)

unique bouquets
Photo: LEGO

For those who prefer something more handmade, have a go at a bouquet from LEGO’s Botanical Collection. Designed with mindfulness and experimental relaxation in mind, have fun putting together this delightful set all while thinking of your sweet love. Made of recycled plastic, this set comprises LEGO versions of asters, roses and daisies, all with adjustable and customisable stems and leaves. All the opportunity to let your creativity take over this Valentine’s Day. 

Get the Lego bouquet here.

7. Fresh Fruit Bouquet (S$89)

Photo: Rainbowly

What looks pretty and tastes guilt-free? This Fresh Fruit Bouquet of course. This cheery bouquet comes with tastefully arranged fruit slices and even cut fruits arranged to look like floral blooms. It comes with a couple of chocolate dipped strawberries too. A vegan option is also available upon request. 

Get the Fresh Fruit Bouquet here.

8. Cup Noodle Bouquet (S$38)

Photo: @affinityyin/Carousell

Nothing says supper quite like cup noodles. Gift your lover this eye-catching Cup Noodle Bouquet this Valentine’s and have your supper plans settled too. Guaranteed to put a smile on both your faces, this bouquet also comes beautifully wrapped in colourful paper and bears sweet sprigs of baby breath blossoms as well. 

Get the Cup Noodle Bouquet here.

9. Nut Bouquet (S$88)

unique bouquets

But what if your date doesn’t fancy dried fruits? Get them this intricately arranged Nut Bouquet instead. Boasting a fancy assortment of nuts such as walnuts, pistachios and peanuts, this rustic bouquet also comes with pops of golden Ferrero Rocher chocolates in the mix too. 

Get the Nut Bouquet here.

10. Money Bouquet (S$68)

Photo: Rainbowly

What better way to say ‘I adore you’ than with some coin? Whether you want to spend it or save it, consider this money bouquet an elevated version of the traditional angpao. Trust us, your date will be impressed. Also comes with exclusive add ons such as Moet Champagne, LED lights and baby’s breath flowers. 

Get the Money Bouquet here.

11. Otah Bouquet (S$70)

Photo: Lee Wee & Brothers

The brainchild of local brand, Lee Wee & Brothers, and florist, Sarah’s Fleurs, comes the Otah Bouquet. Featuring a curated selection of seasonal blooms including, a delicate Miyabi rose surrounded by lisianthus, eustomas and exotic foliage, topped with a selection of their in-house signature Otahs. Available for collection and delivery on 14 February 2022 only.

Get the Otah Bouquet here.

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