Just opened: Relax at 6 Letter Brunch, a new cafe at Siglap with an adorable garden and bicycle inspired decor

by Evan Mua

Siglap has become a new cafe hotbed of sorts in recent months. Is it because of a certain plan pertaining to the East Coast? We’re unsure about that, but what we’re sure about is that the new opening 6 Letter Brunch might have one of the cutest cafe decors in Singapore.

On the outside, there’s a dainty porch area occupied by wooden tables and bicycle racks. So if you’re a cyclist, you’d be pleased to know that the cafe is biker-friendly.

6 letter brunch cafe
Photo: @saltyaaron/instagram

When you head in, it’s a larger space that’s decorated with cosy whites and earth tones, while lush greens populate the spaces between furniture.

There’s even a swing and bike-shaped tables to keep up with their garden concept. Definitely a relaxing place for a chill afternoon cuppa.

6 letter brunch cafe
Photo: @saltyaaron/instagram

6 Letter Brunch is actually opened by the same people behind 6 Letter Coffee, so you can expect some familiar things on the menu.

One of the exclusives here is a cool variety of crispy, hearty rostis. Choices include the Sweet Potato Rosti (S$16), Salmon Rosti (S$18), and Crabcake Sweet Potato Rosti (S$18).

6 letter brunch cafe
Photo: @thefoodpawn/instagram

If you’re a pancake lover you might be want to go for the 2 pancakes that are newly introduced to 6 Letter Brunch.

The Smoked Duck Pancakes (S$12) is a savoury pancake that comes with sour cream and smoked duck, topped with some blueberry jam to cut through the heaviness.

But if you have a sweet tooth, then you definitely can’t resist the Pancake Wonderland (S$16)‘s combo of three mini pancakes, a single gelato scoop, Creme Anglaise, cookie crumble, and an IG-worthy ensemble of fruits.

6 letter brunch cafe
Photo: @amuseume/instagram

If you’re here to get your caffeine boost, 6 Letter Brunch’s classic coffee selection includes Latte (S$5), Flat White (S$5), and Mocha (S$6). Milk alternatives such as soy and oat cost an additional S$1.

But for something unique, there’re also choices such as Charcoal Cafe Latte (S$6), Hazelnut Latte (S$6), and Macadamia Latte (S$6) available.

This could be a good spot to chill at if you’re a cyclist looking for a convenient spot to rest in the area. Not only do you have a spot to park your bikes but you can also relax in the relaxing garden decor here.

6 Letter Brunch
Facebook | Instagram
???? 103 Frankel Avenue, Singapore 458225
????️ 8am–8pm (Sun–Thurs), 8am–9pm (Fri–Sat)

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