Just opened: Five Oars Coffee Roasters popular minimalist cafe reopens at East Coast

by Evan Mua
five oars coffee roasters east coast review

Five Oars Coffee Roasters has reopened at East Coast just very recently, only a few months after they had vacated their previous premises at Tanjong Pagar. Its re-opening has left many Easties excited that such a popular brunch spot is moving into their hood.

Most cafe hoppers would remember the Tanjong Pagar FOCR’s grey-washed industrial décor and idyllic outdoor area. In fact, it was probably one of the most iconic cafe spaces in Singapore.

five oars coffee roasters east coast decor

But as with all new beginnings, Five Oars Coffee Roasters’ East Coast outlet sees them with a new look. Instead of familiar industrial vibes, they now have a more refined rustic decor that has been in vogue recently.

The first thing you’d notice when heading into the Five Oars Coffee Roasters East Coast is the outdoor seating. It’s not quite as photogenic now but feels cosier than ever before.

Coupled with road-facing tables reminiscent of the old shopfront, this is a great spot to people watch. Or rather, dog watch — there were so many fluffy dogs there I could die.

On the inside, exposed brick walls and wooden furniture dyed the space in welcoming shades of orange and brown. Spots of green added an elegant contrast to make it feel more homely.

As far as the menu goes at the East Coast Five Oars Coffee Roasters, there’s nothing particularly innovative. But no one’s gonna complain about comfort brunch food.

five oars coffee roasters east coast french toast

If you’re looking for something eye-catching to post on instagram, consider the French Toast (S$16, +S$2 for vanilla ice cream).

Thick brioche slices were complemented by a dainty fruit ensemble of pear, peach, rhubarb, and topped with mascarpone cream. You can’t go wrong with Five Oars Coffee Roasters’ no-frills french toast — soft and fluffy, as it should be.

five oars coffee roasters east coast corn fritters

Alternatively, if you want something heartier then Corn Fritters (S$18) might be up your alley.

By themselves, the corn fritters were pleasantly crunchy. But the dish only really popped after adding a bit of everything, especially the hollandaise poached eggs and the fresh-tasting halloumi.

I don’t know how Five Oars Coffee Roasters thought of adding halloumi but it worked so well.

five oars coffee roasters east coast mentaiko mac & cheese

Out of all the dishes at Five Oars Coffee Roasters’ East Coast outlet, the Mentaiko Mac & Cheese (S$16) was probably one of the favourites around the table.

Whilst the pasta was slightly undercooked, you’d find it hard to resist the killer combo of rich Mentaiko and creamy sauce.

In contrast with the rest of Five Oars Coffee Roasters’ East Coast menu, the Sriracha Chicken Benedict (S$18) was rather forgettable. The chicken was nicely tender but there wasn’t much else going for it taste-wise.

five oars coffee roasters east coast coffee menu

Naturally, coffee lovers would want to see if Five Oars Coffee Roasters maintained their standards at East Coast. Take your pick from their standard selection which includes Black (S4$), White (S$4.50/3oz, S$5/6oz, S$6/8oz), and Mocha (S$6).

Confession time — I’ve never been a fan of Five Oars’ coffee, which I find too acidic and unbalanced. However, they’ve managed to keep the taste remarkably consistent here. Great news for fans of their robust brews.

In summary, decent brunch food and cosy vibes make the new Five Oars Coffee Roasters East Coast outlet a great hangout spot. Definitely a nice addition to the bustling café scene in the East.

Five Oars Coffee Roasters (East Coast)
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???? 6 Upper E Coast Rd, Singapore 455200
????️ 8am–10pm (Daily)

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